| by Wendy Wei MACI ’22


Wendy Wei smiling outside
Wendy Wei MACI ’22

Middlebury Institute students discuss their internships, how the Institute helped them, and what advice they’d give to current and future MIIS students.

My name is Wendy Wei, and I will graduate with an MA in Conference Interpretation in 2022. My interpreting language pair is Chinese and English, and I also take courses in Japanese Studies. I secured a position as an Associate Intern with Cadence Translate in Los Angeles, California.

I heard about the internship from my friend and classmate Eve Zhu, who had previously participated in Cadence’s info session during the Translation, Interpretation and Localization Management (TILM) Career Fair. When she found out about the opportunity, she notified me, and of course, I applied!

It is exactly because of the Career Fair that I was able to have such an amazing opportunity.
— Wendy Wei MACI ’22

Utilize Career Advising Resources and Events

Experiences at the Middlebury Institute that helped me definitely include both the individual career advice offered by the Center for Advising and Career Services and the TILM Career Fair. I’d like to thank Winne Heh for helping me conduct mock interviews. This helped me greatly when it actually came to applying for the position and going into the interview. I also really appreciated the TILM Career Fair, which helped me land this amazing opportunity.

Stay Connected and Embrace Uncertainty

There are a couple of points of advice I really wanted to stress to current students. First of all, always stay connected with your classmates, your professors, or even people you met at a career fair. You never know who will be able to help you out when you need it. It is also really important to sign up for the career management class and do regular check-ups with your career advisors. They are there to help you out, provide you with any suggestions, and support your needs. They are the people you can always trust and consult any time. Lastly, it is okay to be undecided about what you want to do next. Not everyone will come into the program 100 percent knowing what they want for their future careers. It is far more important to always stay curious and interested in the industry!