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Signaling continuous growth and expansion of academic programs, the Monterey Institute welcomed nine new faculty members this fall. The new faculty reflect the diverse campus, arriving from near and far and bringing a range of new experience and knowledge to share with students in different programs.

  • Netta Avineri joins MIIS as a visiting professor from UCLA and will teach courses related to her field of applied linguistics. She is excited about teaching at MIIS “because of its outward thinking that encourages students to ‘be the solution.’” The “ethos of connecting theory to practice while maintaining a global outlook” is also very appealing to her.
  • Abdelkader Berrahmoun hails from Oran, Algeria and will be teaching in the Arabic language program. He is passionate about expanding students’ awareness of Arabic culture and language.
  • Irene Chen has already taught Chinese Language Studies for one semester. She is really impressed with her students and says she has learned a lot when they share in class their experiences working with people from different cultures.
  • Meggan Madden is an international educator and has been keenly interested in the recruiting, evaluating and admitting processes of international admissions, particularly in how the quality of the students and their academic preparedness are assessed.
  • Jason Marel is passionate about working with language teachers to develop curricula and pedagogical practices that promote students’ language acquisition and critical thinking skills. He is really excited about the people he will be working with and is very happy with the generous welcome he has received from other faculty and staff.
  • Thor Sawin took nine days to drive to Monterey from his last post in South Carolina. He is a sociolinguist especially interested in the sociolinguistics of globalization, primarily the phenomenon of adult language learning and its attendant power and identity issues. He will be joining the TESOL faculty, like Jason Martel. And like Jason, he appreciates the warm reception: “It is wonderful to experience how invested people here at MIIS are in our success.”´
  • Sieun Lee (MAT '08) has been working as a freelance interpreter and translator since 1991. Apart from her graduate degrees in translation and interpretation she recently earned a Master's Degree in Instructional Science and Technology and she likes to incorporate technology in the classroom to enhance learning experiences.
  • Max Troyer (MAT ’09) who is well known to students of Translation and Localization Management but is making the transition from being an adjunct to a full-time position. Max will continue to freelance as an international translation consultant and he always finds time to keep up with the latest technology in the field. “By continuously adapting and revising my curriculum, I make sure our students are current and competitive upon graduation.”

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