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Course for consecutive interpreting

Mastering interpreting takes more than expert language fluency. It’s also critical to build a tool kit of key skills.

One of those skills—note-taking for consecutive interpreting—is the focus of a new online, self-paced course from the Institute.

“The top mistake that new note-takers make is trying to write down everything,” said Professor Laura Burian, who leads the course. “Good notes are purposely incomplete, but make sure that you can clearly reproduce the ideas, the logic, and the nuances of what was said.”

The course covers key concepts and definitions, memory skills, symbols, speech types, tools to support listening, and more.

“Deliberate and reflective practice is key,” said Burian, who has nearly 30 years of experience interpreting for high-profile clients in diplomatic, private, and nonprofit sectors. She has been teaching consecutive interpretation at the Institute for two decades.

The goal of the course is to provide the framework and tools to continue building skills in note-taking over time.

Those who complete the course will earn a certificate of completion and a badge to share on their social media profiles. 

The course is currently being offered at a special rate of $59 for a limited time. Learn more and register.

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