| by Mary Zuccarello

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Relief services students
Taylor Zerby, Dylan Moglen, and Elena Klein

Three students from the Institute have been selected as International Development Fellows with Catholic Relief Services (CRS).

Spring 2023 graduates Dylan Moglen (Joint MPA/International Policy Development), Taylor Zerby (MPA), and Elena Klein (Joint MPA/International Education Management) were accepted into the program. 

“Catholic Relief Services is a well-established, respected NGO that’s done humanitarian response and development work for almost 80 years,” said career advisor Scott Webb. “CRS sees their fellows as future leaders.”

Only 15 to 18 applicants out of 500 are accepted into the Catholic Relief Services International Development Fellowship each year. Despite the program’s competitiveness, MIIS has had a strong level of representation in the fellowship in recent years. “MIIS alumni are strong candidates for the Fellowship each year and have excelled in a variety of roles with CRS after the Fellowship” says Neda Sobhani, International Development Fellows and Interns Manager at CRS. She adds that “in 2022, we received more than 3,800 applications for 12 Fellowship placements [and] MIIS alumni earned three of the 12 spots. This incredibly high success rate speaks to the caliber of talent coming from MIIS.” The Middlebury Institute has had over 40 alumni accepted into the program, several of whom have gone on to work at the organization.