Graduate students often lead busy and sometimes stressful lives. It is important to find ways to appropriately manage stress and build healthy habits into your daily routine.

We offer students several ways to cultivate a practice of mindfulness to help you unwind, re-center and improve your general health. Mindfulness practice has been shown to help with self-care, cognitive function, and your relationships with those around you.

Semester-Specific Opportunities

Mindfulness Course at MIIS

Mindfulness meditation can be incredibly helpful in enabling you to work more skillfully with the stresses of life, especially now! Through Translation & Interpretation program, MIIS offers an opportunity to learn and practice mindfulness: Mindfulness for Interpreters (TIAG 8520). 

This 1-unit, half-semester online course offers an introduction to mindfulness meditation for anyone (not just interpreters!), and welcomes all MIIS students, no matter what program you’re in. It also includes one Saturday retreat.

Past students have appreciated an enhanced ability to focus, to be at once alert and relaxed, and to handle internal distractors like anxiety and self-criticism. This course is not about performing, but simply experiencing. There are no tests, and the grade is a simple participation-based pass/no pass. We welcome you to support and nourish yourself by gaining a foundation in mindful awareness!

90679 TIAG 8520 Mindfulness for Interpreters (1 credit)

Check BannerWeb for more specific dates and times if this course is being offered this semester.

Additional Mindfulness Resources

This mindfulness document provides helpful resources for self-study or for joining a mindfulness community, including:

  • Local meditation and mindfulness groups in Monterey County
  • Self-guided online meditations
  • “How-to” articles and videos

Monterey Bay Meditation Studio (MBMS)

If you would be interested in continuing your mindfulness practice beyond these classes, you can become a member of MBMS’s online community free of cost.