A student uses a brush and ink to make Chinese characters.

There are more native speakers of Chinese than any other language in the world, and the Institute’s location offers exceptional exposure to the cultural and linguistic history of Chinese immigrants in the area.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19, the Summer Intensive Language Program must cancel its on-campus program for Summer 2020. Admitted students have been contacted via email with options regarding deferring, withdrawing, or transferring their admission. Our sister program in Vermont is accepting applications for alternative online programsIf you are a prospective graduate student, the Middlebury Institute Office of Admissions will be in contact with you directly regarding your language plan.

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The Chinese Summer Intensive Language Program (SILP) promotes language learning in a cultural context. While linguistic elements—from the four tones of spoken Chinese to written characters—are fundamental, learning about Chinese culture, history, and social etiquette embedded in the language are integral to every course. At the heart of the program are student goals, ranging from work on issues of global importance to studying the art of the Sung Dynasty and opening a business in Beijing.

Program Highlights

  • Learn the language in a cultural, social, and historical context.

  • Focus on your individual goals, both professional and academic.

  • Participate in cocurricular activities such as visits to Point Lobos State Park, one of the first Chinese settlements in California; excursions to Chinatown in nearby San Francisco; workshops with a Chinese calligrapher; and kung fu training.

Student Learning Outcomes

The Chinese Summer Intensive Language Program offers courses for the complete beginners to high intermediate learners. See the student learning outcomes for each level.     

Next Steps

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