A close-up of books used to teach French.

French is the primary language in key global and developing areas—from West Africa and Southeast Asia to Canada and the Caribbean.

Summer Session: June 11–August 5, 2020

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A firm grasp of both the language and its cultural context is indispensable in the field of international development, in addition to understanding the complexities of the European Union.

The French Summer Intensive Language Program marries the critical lexical elements of French with the cultural nuance of the larger Francophone world. Relevant topics and real-world materials are explored through integrated activities and group work. Outside of the classroom, activities center around communication with native speakers, exploring cultural traditions from Francophone countries, and taking advantage of the beautiful and peaceful language learning environment offered on the Monterey Peninsula.

Program Highlights

  • Learn both structural elements and cultural nuances.

  • Integrate reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

  • Incorporate authentic primary sources from around the Francophone world, including social media, topical news, and videos.

  • Participate in cocurricular activities such as winemaking lessons from a French sommelier, Bastille Day celebrations, French conversation tables, and film screenings.

Student Learning Outcomes

The French Summer Intensive Language Program offers courses for the complete beginners to high intermediate learners. See the student learning outcomes for each level.     

Next Steps

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