| by Rachel Christopherson

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The Blue Economy Handbook of the Indian Ocean Region, Cover, shows blue ocean and blue jellyfish

Dr. Charles Colgan, Director of Research at the Center for the Blue Economy, authored two chapters in the newly published Blue Economy Handbook of the Indian Ocean Region.

In Chapter two, “The Blue Economy :Theory and Strategy,” Dr. Colgan proposes a strategic framework and specific set of strategies to make the sustainable Blue Economy concept actionable.  It covers five key elements:  investment, customers, management, innovation, and measurement.  Chapter fifteen, “Climate Change and the Blue Economy of the Indian Ocean,” explores two convergent trends: increased attention and resources devoted to developing the Blue Economy, and the rapid changes evident in the worlds oceans.  

Climate change is already affecting the oceans in many ways, and the effects are expected to only intensify and expand in the decades ahead.
— Dr. Charles Colgan, Director of Research, Center for the Blue Economy