| by Rachel Christopherson

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Melis Okter MAIEP Graduate with the OCRM specialization 2016

Melis Okter helps create an interactive website and map that visually communicates county level data on climate change vulnerability.

Melis Okter worked as a California Sea Grant Fellow for the California Coastal Commission in their Climate Change Department after graduation. She conducted an exhaustive review of California’s coastal resources at risk to sea level rise and drafted the final statewide report that includes county level data on climate change vulnerability, economic valuation studies, and Local Coastal Program participation. Now, a new interactive website and map visually communicates those findings in an easily accessible way. Congratulations Melis! Thanks for your part in actualizing this important planning tool! Melis is currently working at Dudek Environmental Consulting and Engineering in Oakland, California. She is an environmental specialist/coastal planner working on sea level rise updates for local governments, as well as doing some habitat restoration/mitigation work.

Why the Institute: Professional experience before you graduate

Middlebury Institute students like Mëlis Okter are learning by doing, and that makes them better prepared for success in today’s growing international job market.