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Alice McGown
Alice McGown, Master’s Candidate in the International Environmental Policy program

The Center for the Blue Economy celebrates Alice McGown, a master’s candidate pursuing International Environmental Policy, who will attend the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow next week. She will bring one simple message to the nations of the world:  leave fossil fuels in the ground.

Regarding her work with the Leave it in the Ground Initiative:  “I have created a global map identifying the overlap between fossil fuel deposits and protected areas, and then tracked and classified the extraction operations in these delicate sites. I’ll be presenting my work, naming and shaming the worst offenders, and pushing for nations to honor their protected designations by halting extraction operations within them.”
— Alice McGown, MA IEP candidate

The Center for the Blue Economy celebrates the amazing work that Alice has done with the Leave It In The Ground Initiative, her courage and the incredible opportunity to present at COP26!   We thank our generous donors that funded part of her trip as a CBE Fall Fellow.  

P.S. Alice:  Tell it like it is!   Thanks for representing the Middlebury Institute, the International Environmental Policy program, and the Center for the Blue Economy!

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