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MIIS Students attending CTEC Speaker Series: Apple Event
MIIS Students attending CTEC Speaker Series: Apple Event (Credit: CTEC)

Middlebury Institute students joined Apple’s Global Security and Risk Intelligence Lead Jennifer Anthony as she shared her rich experiences working for both the public and private sector.  Students from across all programs quizzed Ms. Anthony about her government positions in the State Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Starting out at the State Department she then moved to the FBI where she was the Presidential Daily Briefer (PBD) for Louis Freeh (former director of the FBI) and Eric Holder (Attorney General).  At Apple, Ms. Anthony is in charge of leading Apple’s Global Security Risk Intelligence where she focuses on business-relevant risks to employees, assets, and reputational risk.


Additionally, Ms. Anthony left behind two key important pieces of advice during graduate school and postgraduate school.  While students are in graduate school Ms. Anthony stressed the importance of becoming a better writer by critically consuming information. Emphasizing the importance of communication she also shared the two scroll rule, where if your text message (or email) takes longer than two scrolls on your phone or mouse, you should probably have a meeting or phone call.  As for life after graduate school, she underscored the value of volunteering for everything. Those experiences will make for amazing connections that will later benefit your career. Lastly, she ended her advice stating “Love what you do and the rest will follow.”

Here are some of the takeaways from our students:

Mr. Brad Alleman, a second-year NPTS student said, “What was most useful was the discussions comparing and contrasting her public and private work. I think it’s important that the students get to hear from speakers that exemplify each sector especially as they apply to jobs, and it was really cool and interesting to listen to Jennifer since she’s been in both worlds.”

Mr. Adam Amil, a second-year NPTS student, noted that his key-take away from the event was that, “the fundamental mission for security professionals of keeping people safe remains constant in both the private and public sectors.”

The visit by Jennifer Anthony was organized by the Center on Terrorism, Extremism, and Counterterrorism (CTEC) and co-hosted by the Terrorism Studies Club and the Women in International Security (WIIS)

Apple’s Global Security and Risk Intelligence Lead Jennifer Anthony
Apple’s Global Security and Risk Intelligence Lead Jennifer Anthony answering student questions. 

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