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The Middlebury Master of Arts in Arabic with a focus on Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language is offered through Middlebury Language Schools.

The program includes one year of course work in the MA in Teaching Foreign Language (TFL) program at the Institute.

Students interested in the Middlebury Language Schools MA in Arabic may choose to pursue one year of course work in the Teaching Foreign Language (TFL) program at the Middlebury Institute.

The Middlebury Institute Option

  • Summer One at Middlebury Language Schools

  • Academic Year at the Middlebury Institute (Fall/Spring)

  • Summer Two at Middlebury Language Schools


  • On the application to the Middlebury Arabic School, prospective students must indicate their interest in the Middlebury Institute Option.

  • If the student is accepted to the Middlebury Arabic School, the application will be forwarded to the Institute for an admissions decision.

  • The student must be accepted into both programs to participate in this joint program.

Curriculum at the Institute

During the academic year at the Institute, most students will be enrolled in 18–20 credits of course work, but students on international student visas and Yellow Ribbon veterans will enroll in 24 units, 12 each semester, to meet the requirements of their programs.

The curriculum typically consists of the following courses:

  • Principles and Practices of Language Teaching

  • Language Assessment

  • Sociolinguistics

  • Second Language Acquisition

  • Educational Research

  • Courses in Arabic that are relevant to teaching Arabic

Discount/Scholarship at the Institute

The Institute offers participants in this program a 50 percent per-unit tuition discount, which replaces the merit-based scholarship award.


  • Middlebury Arabic School: Eman Hayyat, Middlebury Arabic School Coordinator

  • Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey: