Earn two degrees in three years as you gain the practical experience and advanced management training you need to launch your career in international education.

Our joint BA in International Policy and MA in International Education Management (Joint BA/MAIEM) is a transfer program that prepares graduates to design and lead educational programs that foster global competence, strengthen intercultural communication, and help the world’s people work together to solve challenging problems.

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Fall or Spring 150 (transfer 60) 6 semesters Monterey, California Live and Asynchronous

Transfer Program

You must transfer 60 credits from an accredited college or university and complete five semesters of coursework at the Institute in addition to a professional practicum in the sixth semester. Course work has a two-part focus:

  1. Developing an understanding of global issues and policy on wide-ranging topics including international economics, environmental sustainability, nuclear nonproliferation, and human rights.
  2. Designing and managing educational programs that help others to learn about global issues and work effectively in multicultural teams. Coursework in this area includes educational program design, assessment of learning, educational management,  intercultural communication and training, and equity and inclusion.

See the curriculum page for more details.

Study On-Site and/or Online

Your courses are available in person and online. You may start and complete your entire degree program remotely—please note that many of your BA courses will be live (synchronous) so you will have to keep time zones in mind. IEM courses are available asynchronously (no required live class meetings) and part-time through our online IEM degree.

The faculty, curriculum, and per-credit cost are the same for both formats so you will have the flexibility to study online or in person, or easily switch between the two experiences as your personal and professional needs allow.

Program Details

Learn more about your faculty, careers and internships, and immersive learning opportunities by exploring the MA in International Education Management.

Tuition and Fees

Visit our tuition and fees page for detailed information. Please note that the Joint BA/MAIEM is a three-year program.

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