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Welcome and Fall Format with Jeff Dayton-Johnson, Dean of the Institute

Dean of the Institute Jeff Dayton-Johnson provides an overview of how the Middlebury Institute will help you launch a meaningful and rewarding career. He also discusses our approach to on-site and remote learning this fall.

Deep Learning: Understanding How to Be a Better Learner

Professor Mahabat Baimyrzaeva walks attendees through a “Deep Learning” exercise to see what effective learning looks like and what facilitates it, dispel some of the taken-for-granted assumptions about learning, and become more intentional about the learning process moving forward.

Partnering with Local Communities to Promote Equity and Social Justice

Learn how our new initiative CoLab cultivates relationships between neighboring universities and communities to collaboratively address complex local problems through research, professional development, resource mobilization, and joint action. This session was led by Netta AvineriKent Glenzer, and Carolyn Taylor Meyer.

How Localization Drives Global Growth

Gain insights into how the language services industry powers the global expansion of companies and organizations. Max Troyer, the Grover Hermann Endowed Program Chair for Translation and Localization Management and Associate Professor of Professional Practice, will explain how translators, interpreters, and localization professionals enable companies and organizations to succeed beyond their wildest expectations.

The Importance of Language Learning

Join Professor Thor Sawin in an exploration of new ideas, initiatives, and challenges at the intersection of language learning, technology, entrepreneurship, and activism.

Navigating the Admissions Process and Scholarships

Students who have not submitted their application yet are encouraged to attend this session. Join Sadia Khan, director of admissions, and Isabelle Dubrana, associate director of admissions.

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Education Loans for U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents

Meet with Regina Garner, director of Student Financial Services, and Trish Aportela, associate director of Student Financial Services.

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Beyond the Classroom: Professional Development and Personal Wellbeing

This session will be particularly informative for students who have submitted their applications and admitted students. Join Alisyn Gruener, assistant dean of student life and engagement, and Gael Meraud, assistant dean for career and academic advising.

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Program Sessions

Online Translation and Localization Management

Max Troyer, program chair
Serena Rapp, enrollment advisor

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International Trade and Economic Diplomacy

Wei Liang, faculty
Robert Rogowsky, faculty
Scott Webb, career and academic advisor
Coleen Bremner, enrollment advisor

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International Education Management​​​​​​​

Katherine Punteney, program chair
Grace O’Dell, career and academic advisor
Samantha Quintell-Lenzi, enrollment advisor

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MPA, International Policy and Development

Scott Pulizzi, faculty
Scott Webb, career and academic advisor
Devin Lueddeke, director of recruiting

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International Environmental Policy ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Jason Scorse, program chair and director of the Center for the Blue Economy
Edy Rhodes, career and academic advisor
Samantha Quintell-Lenzi, enrollment advisor

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TESOL, Teaching Foreign Language

Jason Martel, program chair
Serena Rapp, enrollment advisor

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Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies

Jeff Knopf, program chair
Elizabeth Bone, career and academic advisor
Nomsa Ndongwe, enrollment advisor

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Translation, Interpretation, and Localization Management

Laura Burian, dean, Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation, and Language Education
Julie Johnson, program chair, translation and interpretation programs
Max Troyer, program chair, Translation and Localization Management
Carol Johnson, enrollment advisor

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How-To Videos

Watch our videos on how to apply and how to finance your education. We also include customized instructions for international students.

Submit your online application to access our guide How to Ace Your Admissions Interview. If you have already submitted your application and have not received the guide, please contact your enrollment advisor.