by Cameron Steagall MAIEP ’20

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Cameron Steagall MAIEP ’20

Middlebury Institute graduates discuss where they are working today, how the Institute helped them get there, and what advice they’d give to current and future MIIS students.

My name is Cameron Steagall and I graduated with an MA in International Environmental Policy (IEP) from the Middlebury Institute in 2020, with Spanish as my language of study. I specialized in Ocean and Coastal Resource Management and am now working at BSR (Business for Social Responsibility) in New York City, focusing on green transport, green freight, and DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion).

During my final semester at MIIS, I took on two internships simultaneously, with the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (Washington, D.C.) and the Port of Stockton (Stockton, California). I secured one on my own and one with the help of IEP Program Chair Jason Scorse. Then I found my job with BSR through a combination of networking with MIIS alumni and cold applications.

Always be on the lookout for experiences and opportunities, and say yes to everything you can.

Participate in Immersive Learning Opportunities

Working on specific, tailored projects in courses was helpful in building a portfolio to share with potential employers. It was also helpful to participate in immersive learning experiences such as serving as a Social Impact Corps Scholar in Peru, and taking part in the International Professional Service Semester, through which I got my internship with the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions.

Just Say Yes

My best advice for students is to always be on the lookout for experiences and opportunities, and say yes to everything you can.

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