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    From Haiti, With Love

    | by Eva Gudbergsdottir

    Every action, degree, career choice Wesley Laîne MAIPS ‘14 takes is to lay the groundwork for a political career in his native Haiti, where he wants to shepherd transformative change for the impoverished country.

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    A Conversation with Moyara Ruehsen

    | by Jason Warburg

    Associate Professor Moyara Ruehsen has been teaching courses on financial crime—including money laundering, trade-based financial crime, corruption, proliferation financing, and terrorist financing—at the Institute since 1994. 

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    Life According to Langholz

    | by Eva Gudbergsdottir

    A fixture in the International Environmental Policy program, professor Jeff Langholz is nothing if not systematic in his approaches to life’s challenges. He generously shares his systems with students and colleagues, and is tireless in his efforts to inspire others.