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  1. All Eyes on Russia and the U.S.

    Six Middlebury Institute faculty experts share what most concerns them about the state of U.S. - Russia relations in the world today.

  2. News Stories

    Mind the Gap

    | by Eva Gudbergsdottir

    As a cofounder of a company that helps organizations narrow the gender pay gap, Zara Nanu MPA ’06 is seeking to resolve one of the corporate world’s most persistent problems.

  3. News Stories

    From Haiti, With Love

    | by Eva Gudbergsdottir

    Every action, degree, career choice Wesley Laîne MAIPS ‘14 takes is to lay the groundwork for a political career in his native Haiti, where he wants to shepherd transformative change for the impoverished country.

  4. Word-by-Word

    | by Eva Gudbergsdottir

    Lefteris Kafatos MACI ’10 talks about how a second-generation Greek found himself interpreting for President Obama during his historic visit to Hiroshima, Japan in May 2016.

  5. Among the Rescuers

    | by Eva Gudbergsdottir

    Emergency Program Coordinator Kate Brown Sokol MPA ‘10 shares compelling moments and insights from her experiences assisting refugees in Greece and the Congo.

  6. Voice of Nations

    | by Jason Warburg

    At the United Nations, every nation has a voice—and sometimes it belongs to alumna Sarah Irene MACI ’10.