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Faculty Stories Graphic with Professor Beryl Levinger
Eight new videos, including one featuring Professor Beryl Levinger of the International Policy and Development and Public Administration (MPA) programs, highlight the commitment of Institute faculty to practice what they teach and shed light on their backgrounds and passion for teaching.

The Middlebury Institute has released a new series of videos capturing some of the compelling personal stories of its faculty. Taken together, they portray a remarkable breadth of life experience, from Anna Vassilieva’s tale of teaching impoverished, yet dedicated, students in the Soviet Union to Jeff Langholz’s heart-rending story of a West African toddler dying in his arms from starvation. As many of the faculty members note, their past experiences—whether sad, joyful, or profound—inform how they teach today’s students.


program for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.

Assistant Professor

teaches courses in his native French. As a young college student in Senegal, Coly and his friends started a free summer school for underserved students to prepare them for college entrance exams.


(TFL) degree programs from 1981. She shares the deep emotional rewards of the promise fulfilled by graduates.

As a young Peace Corps Volunteer in Sierra Leone, Professor



degree programs.


. She is still inspired by her first students at a school in a small town outside Leningrad in the communist Soviet Union, who despite often horrible living conditions, came to school prepared and eager to learn every morning.

Assistant Professor

degree program. He shares with students some of the unexpected lessons he has learned while working in the federal government and serving on a White House delegation on Syrian chemical weapons.


of the Graduate School of International Policy and Management shares a story of an important mentorship from the beginning of his 30-year career as a development professional in Africa. He says it is his job to replicate the spirit of that mentorship and “make every student who comes into the classroom a better development professional than I ever was.”

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