| by Jarlath McGuckin

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Monterey Initiative in Russian Studies (MIR) Ambassadorial Series featured on prominent podcast about Russia. 

Jill Dougherty and Hanna Notte, hosts of The Ambassadorial Series, were guests on The Naked Pravda, an English-language podcast from the international news organization Meduza. The half-hour podcast covers both the first set of interviews conducted by Jill Dougherty, former CNN Moscow bureau chief, and the sequel hosted by Hanna Notte, senior research associate at the Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non‑Proliferation. Jill Dougherty discusses how the project came together and what she learned from her conversations with eight U.S. ambassadors to Russia and the Soviet Union. Hanna Notte analyzes the key inflection points in the U.S.-Russia relationship during the 1990s based on her in-depth interviews with ambassadors Matlock, Pickering and Collins. 

The podcast received almost 7,000 plays in its first two days. Meduza is the tenth most-cited news source online and has a monthly readership of over 14 million.

Click here to listen to “Thirty years of U.S. ambassadors in Moscow” [PODCAST].