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The Monterey Summer Symposium on Russia 2022 was taught online from July 6 - 29. 

List of Monterey Symposium 2022 modules.

The Monterey Summer Symposium on Russia is an interdisciplinary summer program for graduate students and early-career diplomats interested in deepening their understanding of Russia and Eurasia. Each year, a cohort of fellows is selected from Russian Studies programs in the United States, Canada and Europe. Fellows study with the leading intellects and practitioners in the field, including experts from Russia, China and the post-Soviet states. The Symposium takes the form of interactive lectures, skills-based workshops, roundtables, and debates.

The Monterey Symposium was founded in 2017 and has since offered more than a thousand hours of content delivered in English and Russian by over a hundred experts. It is difficult to read or view contemporary analysis on Russia and Eurasia without encountering one or more Monterey Symposium experts, often working in collaboration with Monterey Symposium alumni.

This year, the Monterey Summer Symposium on Russia was redesigned to address questions raised by the war in Ukraine: What did previous analysis overlook? How do we place the conflict in historical context? What constitutes power? And how do we rebuild from this nadir? Thirteen graduate students and rising specialists in Russian studies (broadly understood) joined us in tackling these topics.
Just at the moment when we most need informed expertise on Russia, many emerging experts will not be able to travel there for study or work. To help mitigate the loss of such opportunities, and to answer the questions above, we presented this year’s Monterey Symposium as a three-and-a-half-week core bilingual (Russian and English) program, supplemented by additional courses.
Within wide-ranging modules on Russian history, foreign policy, and values in political decision making, the symposium included interactive lectures, roundtables, workshops, and debates delivered by leading experts from the US, Russia, Europe, and China. We also hosted speakers from Ukraine and Eastern Europe, expanding our range of perspectives on Russia and on the immediate and enduring challenges facing the region and the world.

The Monterey Summer Symposium on Russia is funded by Carnegie Corporation of New York.

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