If you have already completed the equivalent of two years of college, you can earn a Joint Bachelor of International Policy/Master of Arts from the Middlebury Institute.  

The Joint BA/MA option is designed for students who want to combine international policy with a specific area of career-oriented study. Our program integrates immersive learning, collaboration across a diverse student body, practical hands-on experience, and small classes to encourage faculty mentorship.

Ideal candidates have already accumulated two years of undergraduate course work over time and must transfer 60 credits from an accredited college or university. These include military veterans and people who have an interest in international policy and development, social change, or counterterrorism and nonproliferation. In just three years, graduates are prepared to lead with confidence in today’s exciting and evolving international fields.

We offer three opportunities for students to earn a joint Bachelor of Arts in International Policy and Master of Arts in the following programs: