Earn a Bachelor of Arts in International Policy and a Master of Arts from the Middlebury Institute in just three years.

The Joint BA/MA degrees are transfer programs designed for students who want to combine international policy with a specific area of career-oriented study. Our program integrates immersive learning, collaboration across a diverse student body, practical hands-on experience, and small classes to encourage faculty mentorship. You may take courses in person at our Monterey, California campus and/or online.

Transfer Programs

Ideal candidates have already accumulated the equivalent of two years of undergraduate course work and must transfer 60 credits from an accredited college or university. These include military veterans and people who have an interest in global security, sustainability, and international education.

We offer multiple opportunities for students to earn a joint Bachelor of Arts in International Policy and Master of Arts in the following programs:

Study On-Site and/or Online

Your courses are available in person and online. You may start and complete your entire degree program remotely—please note that many of your BA, NPTS, and IEP courses will be live (synchronous) so you will have to keep time zones in mind. IEM courses are available asynchronously and part-time through our online IEM degree.

The faculty, curriculum, and per-credit cost are the same for both formats so you will have the flexibility to study online or in person, or easily switch between the two experiences as your personal and professional needs allow.

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