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Members of the Institute community in Monterey and around the world are making their mark, whether in print, online, or both. Here, we share recent publishing news from alumni, students, faculty, and staff.

MIIS Alum Foreshadowed the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

In April, the Sonoma County Gazette published an article titled “The war in Ukraine and the Sonoma County author who saw it coming.” The article describes how, in her 2014 book Putin’s Putsches, Ukrainian-American writer and former CIA analyst Maria Halyna Lewytzkyj-Milligan MAIPS ’08 “wrote with remarkable prescience about the Russian military and political intervention in Ukraine and the effect that these pressures had on ordinary people living there.” The article goes on to share current updates on several of the dozen Ukrainians Lewytzkyj-Milligan profiled in the book.

Jeffrey Bale Coauthors Book on the Language of Extremism

Jeffrey M. Bale, professor emeritus in the Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies program, and Tamir Bar-On have published Fighting the Last War: Confusion, Partisanship, and Alarmism in the Literature on the Radical Right (Rowman & Littlefield, 2022), in which they argue that exaggerated use of words and phrases such as “fascism,” “radical right,” and “white supremacism” are being used by political and economic elites in Western societies to delegitimize their political opponents. 

Carles Andreu Translates Novel into Catalan

Carles Andreu, professor of Spanish translation, has translated Abdulrazak Gurnah’s novel By the Sea (A la vora de la mar) from English into Catalan. This is the first Catalan translation of a work by Zanzibar-born author Gurnah, winner of the 2021 Nobel Prize for Literature. The book touches on questions of (post-)colonialism, migration, and cultural identity. 

Philipp Bleek Writes about the Real Odds of Unconventional Warfare

Philipp Bleek, associate professor in the Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies program and coordinator of the Cyber Collaborative, has had a busy spring with the publication of three articles that examine the frightening but possibly overblown prospects of biological, chemical, and drone warfare: “Going Viral? Implications of COVID-19 for Bioterrorism” with former CNS staffer Gary Ackerman and Zachary Kallenborn NPTS ’15  in the CTC (West Point Combating Terrorism Center) Sentinel; “A Plague of Locusts? A Preliminary Assessment of the Threat of Multi-Drone Terrorism” with Kallenborn and Ackerman in Terrorism and Political Violence; and “A terrible tale of drones, chemical weapons, and (gasp!) citation echo chambers” with Brian Scheu in Arms Control Wonk.

Scott E. Myers’s Book Translation Makes Top 100 List

While the book is not new, the accolade is: Professor Scott E. Myers’s 1998 Chinese-to-English translation of Beijing Comrades by Bei Tong has just been listed by the website Book Riot as one of the 100 most influential queer books of all time.

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