Pay periods and dates are shifting this April.

This April, we will consolidate our payroll schedule for all employees in Vermont and California. This will make our processes simpler and more efficient, for both the finance team and managers at the Institute. Reducing impacts on employees is our top priority. Understanding and planning for the change is the best way to avoid any issues.

  • The timing of when biweekly paychecks will be issued for California employees will change in April.
  • There will be no gap in pay. However, there will be a special one week pay period to cover a transition week between the two different pay cycles.
  • You will also have to submit an additional time sheet for the transition week (April 10-16) and will be prompted in Oracle.
  • Do you have autopayments set for the start of the month? Please keep in mind that the change in schedule could affect the amount of money you are accustomed to having in your account.

Download an overview flyer with the key details.

Project Timeline

Payroll Pay period

(pay for work in this date range)
Pay date Pay for Time entry and approval deadlines
Last regular CA March 27 - April 9 April 14 2 weeks April 10, noon
Transition* April 10 - April 16 April 21 1 week April 17, noon
First combined April 17 - April 30 May 5 2 weeks May 1, noon

*Here are the key points about the transition:


Plan Ahead 

The month of March has three regular pay days (March 3, 17, and 31), this is a good opportunity to plan your cash-flow to allocate extra resources for the transition in April.

*The transition payroll is for one week of pay and will be an additional, 27th, payroll in the year, for that reason it will only have benefit deductions that are based on a percentage of gross wages: retirement plans and the Silver Panther Medical plan. All other benefit deductions will not be included because they occur only 26 times per year.  Regular taxes will be part of the transition payroll.

Creating a personal budget is always a good idea, if you would like support, our partner in financial wellness My Secure Advantage has on-line budgeting tools and one on one counseling. To get started, log into the site and complete the initial assessment.

See a consolidated schedule of pay periods with corresponding pay dates for the remainder of the year.


Please do not enter any time in Oracle time cards beyond April 9. We will be launching a special entry period for the transition week of April 10-  April 16.  Absence entries remain unchanged and can be made as usual throughout the transition period and beyond.

Need support?

Talk to your manager or reach out with questions on:


How will the transition paycheck be different from a regular paycheck?

  • Just one week of pay instead of two: April 10-16.
  • It won’t include deductions for the PPO or Silver medical plans, dental, vision and life insurance because this is a 27th paycheck (in a standard 26 week cycle). 
    • WILL include Panther plan medical deductions (because this is a percent of gross wages, while other plans are paid 26 times a year) AND retirement contributions

Like all other paychecks, it will include retirement contributions from employee and employer, and time off accruals/deductions. Taxes will be withheld as usual.

How will this affect timecards?

Timecards will be entered in Oracle as usual. However, there will be a special one-week timecard entry for the week of April 10-16. All hourly employees will receive reminders to do this via Oracle.

I have extra taxes withheld from my paycheck but I do not want it to apply for the transition pay check. What should I do?

You can use Oracle to update your tax withholdings and update or remove the extra amount from your withholding, with these instructions. You will need to make two entries, one to remove the amount for the transition pay period and another to put it back for the first combine pay period.

It is important to use specific dates. End (or update) you current extra amount effective April 10, 2023. Create a second entry to resume your extra withholdings with an effective date of April 29, 2023.

How is the CTO to SLR transfer process impacted by this change?

The process will remain the same. Continue to use the request form.  You can select pay period 9, the first combined pay period for the next transfer opportunity.