The Institute offers a variety of vehicles for faculty, staff, and students to promote your campus events.

Events Calendar

To post to the Events Calendar, visit the Events Calendar home page, click on the link titled “Update the Events Calendar,” fill out the form, and submit.


MIcommunity, the private social network for the Institute, offers another space to promote upcoming virtual events to students. If you are a staff or faculty member that is not in MIcommunity yet, please request access at If you are a MIcommunity user already but not a member of the All Students group, you may request for your content to be shared there by emailing

Social Media

Event organizers are encouraged to use social media channels to help promote your events online. For advice about best practices for using social media tools, please contact Eva Gudbergsdottir.

Electronic Newsletters

The Institute publishes two regular electronic newsletters that include promotions for upcoming events on campus. This Week at MIIS is distributed weekly and includes sections on Student Life and Community Features where upcoming events are referenced and links to their web page(s) provided. This Week at MIIS is sent to all students, faculty and staff every Monday. To submit an event, fill out and submit this web form by 8:00 a.m. Pacific on Friday morning for consideration for the subsequent Monday’s edition.

News & Events is distributed monthly (on or immediately after the 1st) highlights major upcoming events on campus in the Events section. News & Events is sent to an opt-in mailing list of approximately 2,700 VIPs, friends of the Institute, alumni, faculty and staff, with most on the list living within 100 miles of campus. To submit an event, please send the information to Eva Gudbergsdottir with a detailed summary of your event at least five days prior to the end of the month for consideration for the following month’s edition.

Campus Flyer

Flyers promoting on-campus events may be submitted to the Office of Student Services for posting on campus. If accepted, they will be posted by Student Services staff in the entryways to the Samson Center, the McCone Building, and the McGowan Building. Flyers may not be posted by anyone other than Student Services staff, and all unauthorized flyers will be removed. Creating flyers is the responsibility of the event organizers; if you would like advice on how to create a flyer, please schedule a Presentation & Graphic Design Consultation with the Office of Digital Learning and Inquiry (DLINQ). Printing flyers is the responsibility of the flyer creator. Once flyers are printed, you may bring them to the Office of Student Services at 440 Van Buren Street to post on campus. If you’d like your flyer content pre-approved to ensure it may be posted, please email your flyer to Student Services

Digital Signs

Announcements for upcoming events may be published onto the digital signs located in the Samson Center, McCone lobby, and McGowan lounge area. To submit an event for consideration, please follow these instructions to create a digital sign in PowerPoint or Keynote, and then submit your sign at

News Story

Major campus events often receive coverage in the form of a news story posted on the website home page. News stories are typically featured for two to three days on the home page before cycling through the headlines below the main story and finally onto the Newsroom page. To submit your event for consideration for a news story, please contact Eva Gudbergsdottir in the Communications Office.

News Releases / Calendar Listings

From time to time, the Institute’s Communications Office may issue news releases to the media announcing major campus news. However, news releases are not used to promote campus events. Instead, the preferred approach is to submit the basic event information to the Monterey County Weekly and/or the Monterey Herald’s online events calendar. You may also choose to research and submit your event to any one of the several other local online event calendars. Please note that in order for this outreach method to be effective, you must deliver your calendar listing information at least three weeks prior to the event date.

Community Outreach

The Communications Office maintains electronic mailing lists of local community contacts with whom flyers about campus events are shared on a semi-regular basis.  These lists include (1) the communications directors at all of the region’s institutions of higher education (CSUMB, MPC, NPS, DLI, MCL, UCSC, Hartnell, etc.); (2) community organizations with an international focus (World Affairs Council, UN Association); and (3) community organizations with a business or trade focus (Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce, Monterey County Business Council, Monterey Bay International Trade Association). To request to have your event flyer distributed to one or more of these lists, please contact Eva Gudbergsdottir in the Communications Office. Please note that in order for this outreach method to be effective, you must deliver your finished event flyer at least three weeks prior to the event date. 

Paid Advertising

If your event budget permits, you may want to consider purchasing paid advertising with local media outlets. Event organizers should feel free to contact advertising managers at these outlets on your own, but if you would like advice and/or assistance with booking advertising, please contact Eva Gudbergsdottir in the Communications Office.

All-Campus E-Mail

Event organizers may NOT send unsolicited e-mails to the all-student, all-faculty, and/or all-staff mailing lists. This is a violation of Institute policy and is considered spamming. Hundreds of student, faculty, and staff-sponsored events take place on campus every year, and if each event organizer sent out an individual e-mail announcing each event, the in-box of every person on campus would be jammed with them. A few times a year, the Vice President’s Office and/or the Office of Student Services may at their discretion send announcements to these lists regarding special campus events.

Event Photography

Event organizers are responsible for securing the services of a photographer for their event if desired. The Institute does NOT have a professional photographer on staff. Please contact Eva Gudbergsdottir in the Communications Office for a list of recommended local photography vendors.




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