An artist's rendering of the front of the new student housing at 787 Munras Avenue

Campus Housing for Institute Students

Starting in the fall of 2021, you’ll have the option of living in Middlebury housing at our new residence, located at 787 Munras Avenue.

Designed with community in mind, this newly renovated space provides convenient dormitory-style living with plenty of shared spaces for cooking, collaborating, and socializing with fellow students.

This new housing will benefit all students as it increases the housing capacity in the area and the many housing options available to you.

Convenience and Community

  • Fully furnished housing for up to 87 Institute students plus two resident assistants
  • Option of single rooms, double rooms, or triple rooms
  • Shared kitchens, bathrooms, study spaces, and common areas
  • Fosters community and connections with fellow students
  • Price includes all utilities (electricity, water, trash/recycling, and Wi-Fi)
  • Price includes access to bicycle storage and 64 parking spots (underground and outdoor)
  • Conveniently located within a 10-minute walk to classes and Institute facilities
  • Walking distance to grocery stores, restaurants, and the Del Monte Shopping Center 
  • Secure access via ID card and codes
  • Eliminates landlords and lease negotiations
  • On-site support from the director of residential life and residential assistants


The building was designed with an approach that considers the varied abilities of all users with a focus on equitable, flexible, and maneuverable spaces. Several rooms have full mobility clearance. There are multiple communication features and a variety of bathroom types and locations.


You may also get a sense of the area around Munras via Google Maps.

Pricing and Payment

Costs below include all utilities:

  • Single room $5,850/semester
  • Double room $4,950/semester (per person)
  • Triple room $4,500/semester (per person)

Making Your Housing Fee Payment for Fall 2021

Students placed in Munras through the application process should take note of the following payment guide:

  • Invoices for the semester will be sent out in early August with instructions on how to make an electronic payment for the housing fee
  • Students who are taking out federal loans to pay the housing fee need to have all of their financial aid requirements completed on or before August 31
  • Students not using federal loans to pay the housing fee must pay the full housing fee for the semester on or before August 31
  • Any student who has not completed their financial aid requirements or paid the housing fee in full on or before August 31 risks forfeiting their place in Munras

Resident Assistants

We are no longer accepting applications for the RA positions.

  • On average, RAs work 10 hours per week but this will vary depending on the circumstances in the residence.
  • RAs receive a $5,000 stipend divided into three payments over the course of the academic year
  • RAs can also pursue other work-study jobs at the Institute.
  • RAs are required to live in the residence hall and do not have a room charge.
  • Each RA will have their own room, one on each floor.
  • The residential life policies are being developed and will be finalized prior to the official opening of Munras Housing.
  • The dates for the RA training have not yet been confirmed but we anticipate the training to be in mid-August. The director of residential life will lead this process.
  • Check out the Resident Assistant job description.

Moving In and Moving Out

Exact move in and move out dates will be provided to students placed in Munras housing but general timing is as follows:

  • Fall semester: September to December
  • Spring semester: January to May
  • Summer semester: TBD

If you are already living in Munras in the fall and your application for spring is approved, you should not need to move out of the building during the holiday break. We are still working on details around summer occupancy and we will update you once those are determined. Our residential life team will provide resources and guidance for you if you do need to temporarily relocate. 


Please keep the following in mind before you state interest in living at Munras as you may find more preferable housing for your particular situation elsewhere:

  • Students with spouses and/or children will find more suitable housing options with landlords in the area.
  • If you do not enjoy shared spaces and do not want instant community, you should explore other housing options. 
  • Pets are not allowed in Munras (exceptions will be made for service animals).

Monterey is a welcoming and diverse area, and if you use our housing resources and follow our timing recommendations you will find the right option for you. Check out our housing information and resources.


A room in Munras is awarded through an application process and is not guaranteed. This placement is for a semester and occupants will need to apply for the next semester when that application is available. Placement in future semesters is not guaranteed. The application process and final decisions will take place early enough for you to find off-campus housing if necessary.

Only continuing students and incoming students who have already paid their tuition deposit may apply.

Apply for spring 2022 Munras housing.

Resources and Policies


If you have any questions about Munras housing, please contact the director of residential life Saiya Yanagihashi.

If you have any questions about enrolling at the Middlebury Institute, please contact the admissions team.