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Putting Language to Practice

I started studying Chinese in high school. I feel very comfortable using the language, not only communicate in daily life, but also for use in my research. At the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, I work as a Graduate Research Assistant for the East-Asian Nonproliferation Program. And in that role, a lot of my research that I do is conducted in Chinese.

So, for example, I’ve worked on open source analysis on submarines, and so one of my projects was modeling their nuclear submarines and so I had to go online, look for schematics, and from there, build a resource pool so that I could build a 3D model with that.

Our job at the research center isn’t to teach language, but we can offer on the job training in, not just English, but also in their second, or third, or fourth language as well.

The Middlebury Institute differs from a lot of other institutions, and that we’re required to study language here, but also we’re expected to put that language into practice.

While I’m in school, I’m able to build a portfolio of work using the target language to show to future employers or if I wanna go to get a PhD, these are real world skills that I’ve put into practice.

It’s also great to have a lot of experts that are right here that have practical experience. And it really is a professionally oriented master’s degree, so I’m able to work with people who have worked in the field before as well as academics.

Sample Courses in Chinese Studies

Business Conversation

Introduces business terminology commonly used in daily situations. Emphasis on oral proficiency and polite business conversation within the cultural context.

Journalistic Chinese

Modern Chinese newspaper headlines and news items. Emphasizes comprehension and vocabulary development of special terms and current expressions used in the news. Uses traditional and simplified character texts.

Thought and Society

Explores the development of Chinese intellectual thought in the 20th century and its impact on modern Chinese society. Emphasizes understanding and presenting abstract topics.

Topics on China’s Political, Economic, and Social Development

A study of China’s political and economic development since 1949, particularly during the reforms period. Examines political and economic structures and policies.


Jinhuei Enya Dai

Professor; Program Head, Chinese Language Studies

Tel: (831) 647-6570
Office: McCone Building M107

Qi Wang

Tel: (831) 647-6601
Office: McCone Building M120