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Sample Courses in French Studies

Business Models for Sustainable Development

This class combines the “big picture” through the study of several competing and complementary economic theories for sustainable development with a “how-to” approach through the study of multiple case studies of sustainable companies and models of business plans.

Resources, Conflict, and Security

The environment, climate change, and natural resources (too little, too much, unequal distribution within a society, etc.) play a key role in human security, social stability, international relations, contemporary geopolitics, and the "Great Game" among nations.

Intercultural Communication: U.S. and European Cultures Compared

How do these parent civilizations compare in terms of culture? In order to explore this vast question, we focus on several complementary levels or aspects of culture—intercultural studies, identity, and environment. We create an individual narrative that combines storytelling, micro-history and autobiographical awareness in the context of the subjective self and the world.

Challenges in Peacebuilding

This course highlights the complexity and challenges of building peace in societies that are involved in violent conflict or are emerging from it. Through a study of cases, such as Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal, etc., the theories of peacebuilding are explored.

Public Health in Sub-Saharan Africa

This course explores the most pressing health issues in Sub-Saharan Africa. The focus is on the work of African governments and NGOs, infectious diseases and HIV/AIDS, malnutrition, water issues, immigration, and public health.


Abdelkader Berrahmoun

Assistant Professor; Summer Intensive Arabic Program Coordinator

Tel: (831) 647-6500
Office: IIRC Building 2

Edgard Coly

Assistant Professor

Tel: (831) 647-3506
Office: McCone Building M226

Clarissa Eagle

Adjunct Faculty; Summer Intensive French Program Coordinator

Tel: (831) 647-4185
Office: McCone Building-M102A

Michel Gueldry

Professor; Program Coordinator, French Language Studies

Tel: (831) 647-3508
Office: McCone Building M225