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Sample Courses in Arabic Studies

Arabic Speaking Countries

A study of the basic information related to the Arab world and Middle East. Students become familiar with general topics about the Arab region’s geography, history, and culture through the use of authentic materials and communicative tasks.

Society and Culture in Arab Countries

Introduces students to Arab and Muslim culture and civilization, focusing on contemporary periods. Students explore diverse works through which they understand the relevance of earlier periods to contemporary Middle East and Arabic social, cultural, and aesthetic issues.

Understanding the Arab World

Explores various aspects of Arab societies including history, literature, and culture. Students address issues related to the changes in these societies and the internal and external elements that influence the future of new generations. Arab customs and traditions as well as Arab relations with other countries in the region will also be discussed.


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Abdelkader Berrahmoun

Assistant Professor; Program Head, French Studies

IIRC Building 2

Rana Issa

Assistant Professor of Professional Practice; Program Head, Arabic Language Studies

McCone Building, M106

Faculty Emeritus