MSSR Fellows at the Esalen Institute
MSSR 2018 fellows with Dr. Andrei Zorin, Dulce and Michael Murphy, and Professor Anna Vassilieva during a day trip to the Esalen Institute in Big Sur.  

The Monterey Summer Symposium is leading the way to revive the dialogue and level the playing field to overcome challenges facing US-Russia relations today. This seven-week program recruits a cohort of select MSSR Fellows, who represent the brightest young scholars of Russian affairs from the world’s top universities and programs. During the Symposium, MSSR fellows have unparalleled access to top Russian experts, including diplomats, journalists, thought leaders, and scientists, to address cross-cutting issues, with the goal of fostering cultural understanding and improving prospects for US-Russia cooperation. Through the robust and diverse formats of engagement with visiting experts and a rigorous and multilayered curriculum, the MSSR symbolizes a new form of enlightened diplomacy that serves as a catalyst for fresh thinking to repair US-Russia relations.

MSSR experts conduct over 50% of lectures and classwork in Russian. MSSR equips its fellows with new tools, research methods and literature, deepening the discourse, promoting empathy as methodology and enriching the spirit of pragmatic cooperation. Lectures and teaching modules address a wide range of topics including Big Data, emerging military technologies, myths of Russian culture, Russian international behavior, Russian strategic interests and understanding Russia through the arts. Together, fellows and experts formulate innovative solutions and build a network to continue collaboration and research after the completion of the program.

We are grateful to Carnegie Corporation of New York for its support and are proud to carry this initiative forward.

MSSR 2019 Testimonial Video

Participants of the Monterey Summer Symposium on Russia share their experiences, impressions, and lessons learned