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Visiting Expert

On March 7, Joshua Yaffa, a contributing writer for The New Yorker who spent a decade living and reporting in Russia, spoke at Morse on the Middlebury Institute campus about his impressions from the numerous reporting trips to Ukraine.

What does the conflict look like for the people of Ukraine, from civilians trapped under bombardment to newly enlisted soldiers? And what do everyday Russians understand about the war and their own responsibility? What sort of end to the fighting is possible? And what kind of world will emerge in its wake? Watch the recording. 

Joshua Yaffa also joined Magnus Toren, host of “A Big Sur Podcast” and director of the Henry Miller library (California), on a trip down the Big Sur coast. They talked about Joshua Yaffa’s time in Moscow as a foreign correspondent, some about his education and ideas on what makes a good journalist, and much more. Listen to A Big Sur Podcast