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In addition to being prominent scholars, our NPTS faculty participate in international diplomatic forums, interact with government officials on current policy issues, conduct policy-oriented research, and are actively developing new tools for monitoring threats from terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. They bring a genuine commitment to the success of our students and often become mentors and colleagues to our alumni throughout their careers.

Regular Faculty

Jeffrey Bale


Email: jbale@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-6603
Office: McGowan Building MG200D

Philipp Bleek

Associate Professor

Email: pbleek@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-6509
Office: McGowan Building MG205

Avner Cohen


Email: avnerc@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-6437
Office: McGowan Building MG203

Sharad Joshi

Assistant Professor

Email: sharadj@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-6508
Office: McGowan Building MG200E

Jeff Knopf

Professor and Program Chair, Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies

Email: jknopf@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-7174
Office: McGowan Building MG200C

William Potter

Professor; Director, James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies

Email: wpotter@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4154
Office: 499 Van Buren Street, Rm. 234

Moyara Ruehsen

Associate Professor

Email: mruehsen@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4145
Office: McCone Building M213

Anna Vassilieva

Professor; Director, Graduate Initiative in Russian Studies

Email: avassili@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-3546
Office: McGowan Building MG208

Adjunct Faculty

Ferenc Dalnoki-Veress


Email: jdalnokiveress@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4638
Office: 499 Van Buren Street, Rm. 210

Melissa Hanham

Senior Research Associate EANP, META Lab

Email: mhanham@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-6507
Office: 499 Van Buren Street, Rm. 226

Jeffrey Lewis

Director, EANP

Email: jlewis@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-6616
Office: 499 Van Buren Street, Rm. 229

Orion Lewis

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Email: olewis@middlebury.edu
Tel: (802) 443-5479

George Moore


Email: gmoore@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4613
Office: 499 Van Buren Street, Rm. 214

Robert Shaw

Program Director, Export Control Nonproliferation

Email: rashaw@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-6576
Office: 499 Van Buren Street, Rm. 227

Nikolai Sokov

Senior Fellow

Email: nsokov@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-6577
Office: 499 Van Buren Street, Rm. 106

Leonard Spector

Deputy Director of CNS/WDC, Executive Director of DC

Email: lspector@miis.edu
Tel: (202) 842-3100
Office: 1400 K Street, NW, Suite 1225

John Vanek

Adjunct Professor

Email: jvanek@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4155

Jessica Varnum

Senior Research Associate and Project Manager; Adjunct Professor

Email: jvarnum@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4610
Office: 499 Van Buren Street, Rm. 216

Raymond A. Zilinskas

Director, Chemical and Biological Weapons Nonproliferation Program, and Senior Scientist

Email: rzilinskas@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-6545
Office: 499 Van Buren Street, Rm. 120