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44 students are continuing their professional educational development around the world. 

For fall 2022, a total of 44 students will participate in our distinguished semester-long experiential learning programs. Students will work around the globe with organizations making a positive impact in various industries while continuing their studies here at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies.

Image of MIIS student, Harrison Livesay at the Rwandan Embassy in DC with team members and AWFs CEO, Kaddu Sebunya, and the Rwandan ambassador Mathilde Mukantabana
IEP student Harrison Livesay (right) at the Rwandan Embassy in Washington, DC, with his team members including IEP alumna, Rebecca Goodman (second from right), AWFs CEO Kaddu Sebunya (second from left), and the Rwandan ambassador, Mathilde Mukantabana (center). 

Domestically, students are working with organizations as close as Monterey, CA, and as far away as Washington DC. Internationally, students are working with organizations in Cambodia, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Czech Republic, Ecuador, France, Honduras, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Mongolia, Peru, Rwanda, Spain, and Sri Lanka.

Sarah Horowitz, IPSS student stirring a pot
Sarah Horowitz (IPAD) worked as a chef at an international Sufi camp in the Swiss Alps before her IPSS where she is working at a community food hub in Albuquerque, exploring what it would take to start a retreat catering business

Two programs are leading the way in giving students the chance to implement what they learn at MIIS around the world. 

International Professional Service Semester (IPSS)

The International Professional Service Semester (IPSS) is an experience designed for students in the IPD, IEP, NPTS, and MPA programs. The IPSS experience allows students to apply skills and knowledge gained through their prior coursework in a professional setting. These experiential learning courses serve as stepping-stones to their future careers. 

International Education Management (IEM) 

The International Education Management (IEM) practicum is focused on gaining practical experience and advanced management skills for students entering the career of international education. 

Below is a list of current participants for both programs, their organizations, and their locations: 


IPSS Students





Noemi Agagianian

Valley Water and Center for the Blue Economy

Monterey and Santa Clara, CA


Alexander Christodoulou

Conflict Transformation Grant/MIIS Center for Conflict Studies

Ecuador, Peru, Colombia


Jonathan Christenson 

Department of Commerce

Washington, DC


Kacy Cooper

Oceana and Kelp Forest Restoration

Monterey, CA


Irene Fernald

Mongol Ecology Center

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


Nick Gil

Big Sur Land Trust

Monterey, CA


Landin Hayter


Monterey, CA


Sarah Horowitz

City of Albuquerque (Community Agriculture Coordinator) TBC

Albuquerque, NM


Harrison Livesay

African Wildlife Foundation

Nairobi, Kenya


Shane MacHover

Border Crossing



Cecilia Mayer

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

San Francisco, CA


Dion Miller


Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Claire Morgan

Stimson Center (GIS Intern)

Washington, DC


Grecia Moya Sedano Camacho


Mexico City, Mexico


Cacie Russell

GNA Low Carbon Fuel Standards and Reliant Foodservice Sustainability Project (TBC)

Monterey, CA


Sami Shihadeh

Czech Technical University

Prague, Czech Republic


Madison Springfield

Whale Shark and Oceanic Research Center

Bay Islands, Honduras


Katarina Zomer

Mercy Corps

Portland, Ore


Emily Zimmerman

Virgil Group

Washington, DC


IEM Practicum Students




Christy Bomba

Davis UWC and University of New England

London, United Kingdom

Annemarie Catanzaro

Red Willow Consulting

Pescadaro, CA

Yolanda Cobblah

Verto Education

Turrialba, Costa Rica

Amanda Doherty

Emory College of Arts and Sciences

Atlanta, GA

Raider Fowler

Monterey County Department of Public Health

Monterey, CA

Niko Garbacz

International School of Monterey (ISM)

Monterey, CA

Max Gomez

Center for Nonprofit Excellence (CFMC)

Monterey, CA

Juliette Green

MIIS Student Services

Monterey, CA

Jamila Hawkins

Middlebury School Abroad Japan

Tokyo, Japan

Kindra Hurlbert

Rocketship Public Schools

Redwood City, CA

Annalea Kamplain

Middlebury Schools Abroad Spain

Madrid, Spain

TJ Kimball

Minerva University

San Francisco, CA 

Jeff Kurnick

World Chicago

Chicago, IL 

Laura Manczewski

SOLA Rwanda

Kigali, Rwanda

Kevin Mascitelli

University of Maryland

Washington, DC

Ryutaro Miyabe

Champlain College/ Office of International Student Services

Burlington, VT

Hashim Muhammad

Verto Education

Turrialba, Costa Rica

Annie Navran

Syracuse Strasbourg

Strasbourg, France

Kirsten Nicholas

The Posse Foundation

Monterey, CA

Dani Ohemeng

One Digital World and NASA Ames Research Center

San Diego, CA

Robin Riebman

Team4Tech and SAI Programs

San Francisco, CA

Tremaine Smith

Fulbright K-12 School

Kuliyapitiya, Sri Lanka

Dana Sprole

Camp Wawenock

Raymond, Maine

Maia Stewart

Entrepreneurship Project: Homestead and Elon University

Charlotte, NC

Wesley Wright

University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI

Colin Yamaguchi

Middlebury CCE History in Translation

Tokyo, Japan

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Director of Immersive Professional Learning