| by Meng Zhang MAT ’22


Zhang, Meng
Meng Zhang MAT ’22 served as the student Commencement speaker in May 2022.

Middlebury Institute graduates discuss where they are working today, how the Institute helped them get there, and what advice they’d give to current and future MIIS students.

My name is Meng Zhang and I graduated with an MA in Translation from the Middlebury Institute in 2022. My language of study was Chinese. I am the founder and CEO of Global Strategic Initiative, LLC, in Haddonfield, New Jersey.

At the Institute, I found the career management course, career fair, and advice on my résumé from the Center for Advising and Career Services (CACS) very helpful. While still in school, I received three job offers and started working as an interpreter, translator, executive assistant, accounting specialist, and terminology specialist. Two of my Immersive Professional Learning experiences turned into ongoing work: Translators for Elders is now a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, providing a platform for Institute students’ practicums and internships; and IT Terminology is now a live project for an IT company.

Zhang, Meng portrait
Meng Zhang MAT ’22

Seek Support from the Alumni Network and Career Center

My best advice for current students is to recognize the tremendous value of the MIIS network—my job offers are the result of networking, and I also recruit Institute alumni to work on my projects. Seek support from CACS so you are prepared when opportunity comes knocking on your door.