Welcome to the Fall 2023 cohort at the Middlebury Institute! Please be in touch with your enrollment advisor for further guidance and assistance, if needed.

Fall 2023 New Student Checklist (complete updates will be posted by mid-July)

We recommend accessing MIcommunity daily as a new admit and checking the fall 2023 incoming student group, as well as your program group, for updates and news. Refer to the email sent from Devin Lueddeke with the subject line Join MIcommunity, the online platform for Middlebury Institute students for instructions.

Action Item Timeline Contact for Questions Notes
Take the language placement test, if required Beginning August 7th (closes on August 14th) Angie Quesenberry Some degree programs require a language placement test. If you would like to take coursework in language studies this semester, you will need to take the language test. You will receive a personalized email with instructions to take the test. If admitted after August 1, please contact Angie Quesenberry directly. Learn more about the Language Placement test process here.
Activate your Middlebury Network Account; access Middlebury Email 24-36 hours after your deposit or deposit waiver is received Information Technology Services (ITS) Refer to the email sent to your non-Middlebury email address from ITS for instructions; you cannot activate your account until you receive this email, and there is no way to speed up this automated process. If you have not received this message in 3 business days after your deposit was submitted, email helpdesk@middlebury.edu for assistance.
Login to BannerWeb After your network account is activated Information Technology Services (ITS) Must activate your network account first; see above. Once in Banner, update your personal information, including your current mailing address and emergency contact information. BannerWeb is where you will register for classes.
Register for Courses Wednesday August 23rd 7:00AM Pacific Your Academic Advisor Instructions to register for courses are in the Getting Started at MIIS course (see above); enroll in the course and complete your advising assignment to be able to register by Wednesday, August 23rd.
Apply for Federal Financial Aid or *accept your Financial Aid offer As soon as possible after admission Student Financial Services

Must login to BannerWeb first (see above).

If you are in need of federal loans to pay tuition or living expenses, submit the 2023-2024 FAFSA and 2023-2024 MIIS Financial Aid Application.

*If you have received a financial aid offer, you can accept or decline your aid and complete all disbursement requirements in BannerWeb once you have deposited to the Institute.

Login to Canvas After your network account is activated Information Technology Services For more information about Canvas, go here.
Enroll in the  Getting Started at MIIS Course and International Student Pre-Orientation, if applicable Starting July 28th and after you’ve logged into Canvas at least once Student Services Courses open July 28th. Refer to instructions sent to your non-Middlebury email four business days after your deposit or deposit waiver is received.
Attend Welcome Week sessions August 28th-September 1st Student Services or your Academic Advisor Welcome Week is a required start of your experience at the Institute. The schedule will be linked in the Getting Started at MIIS course and also available via your Enrollment Advisor. If you miss the start of Welcome Week, join in as soon as possible. 
Sign up for Nelnet and direct deposit* After you have received your tuition invoice  Student Financial Services

Nelnet is required for all students to pay tuition.

*Direct deposit step is only applicable to those receiving federal financial aid.

Pay tuition After you have received your tuition invoice  Student Financial Services Must first activate your Nelnet account.

Other ongoing to-do items for new students:


Student IDs 

Follow these steps below to obtain your MIIS ID card:

  1. Upload a headshot photo to the MIIS directory. Be sure to log in with your Middlebury.edu email address and then click “Upload Photo” at the top of the web page. NOTE: Make sure that you follow the format, size, and picture resolution guidelines on this page to successfully upload your photo for approval.
  2. Security will make your ID card and notify you when it’s ready for pick-up in person.
  3. Security is able to mail ID cards to online-only faculty, staff, and students. Follow this process and include your mailing address in your email to Security.


Late Arrival Policy

The Institute expects students enrolled in on-campus programs to be present and attending classes from the first day of the semester. Students who must arrive later than the first day of the semester should notify the Enrollment department (miis@middlebury.edu) and the Associate Dean of Academic Operations (tmthomas@middlebury.edu). In exceptional circumstances, late arrivals may be considered. In general, the last day to arrive for in-person classes is the first day of the second week of the semester.

Visit the Academic Calendar for specific term dates and information.