You may find these resources helpful before you start your Spanish language courses.

We recommend you work on as many of these features as you can, preferably in a structured environment with a professor’s or tutor’s feedback. A simple grammar book is always useful. Start watching videos in Spanish on YouTube, listen to easy podcasts, listen to music, and watch movies. Get the sounds and rhythms of the Spanish language inside your mind, even if you cannot understand them yet. You can find many YouTube videos on all of these grammar points, both in English and Spanish. 

Lesson 1:

  • Nouns and articles

  • Numbers 0-30

  • Present tense “ser”

  • Telling time

Lesson 2

  • Present tense of –ar verbs

  • Forming questions in Spanish

  • Present tense of “estar”

  • Numbers 31 and higher

Lesson 3

  • Descriptive adjectives

  • Possessive adjectives

  • Present tense of –er and –ir verbs

  • Present tense of “tener and venir”

Lesson 4

  • Present tense of “ir”

  • Stem changing verbs :e : ie; o: ue

  • Stem changing verb: e: i

  • Verbs with irregular “yo” form.

Lesson 5

  • “Estar” with conditions and emotions

  • The present progressive

  • Ser & estar

  • Direct object nouns and pronouns.

  • Preterite/imperfect

  • The present subjunctive

Websites for dictionaries and conjugation

Grammar Tutorials and Listening Activities