People shaking hands at U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade Conference

Enhance your international business communication with informed language and intercultural skills and strategies.

A Customized Language and Intercultural Course for Executives

If you are engaged in business between the US and China, or planning to be in the future, this course will help you boost your English or Chinese skills in the context of US-China business exchange. The course is designed to help non-native English or Chinese speakers to navigate the business landscape with linguistic and cultural awareness for more successful business interactions. You will analyze real-world business issues, investigate the cross-cultural differences in business and government organizations, and strategize for applying business skills in the target language. You will learn the appropriate industry-specific language for negotiation, mediation, import/export, relationship and rapport building, competitive bargaining and collaborative problem-solving. Much of the work in this course is collaborative and team-centered.

Course Features

  • Engage with language and culture in interactive classrooms, face-to-face or online
  • Benefit from high-quality training with language teaching specialists
  • Interact with US-China business experts working in the field
  • Engage with language mentors and content mentors
  • Increase your knowledge of social, organizational, and business cultures in the respective languages
  • Learn the right words and phrases to use in appropriate contexts
  • Develop your business skills for collaboration and problem-solving
  • Apply your skills in simulated real-world contexts

Sample US-China Curriculum

The Business of Berries: A Course in US-Chinese Agronomy

For more detailed information on what you will learn in this course, see our Goals & Objectives.

This course is designed for those with an intermediate to advanced level of proficiency in English or Chinese. To evaluate whether you meet the entry-level standards for this course in English, see the guidelines of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).