Business Negotiations in English for Non-Native Speakers of English

Customized, high-quality language and intercultural training programs for global businesses, government organizations & individuals across multiple industries & sectors. Gain practical real-world skills with experienced instructors and tangible results.

Our approach to curriculum design and instruction emphasizes practical skills for international business. Whether your language focus is English, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, French, or another language, strong communication is a critical component of successful global business skills such as engaging in negotiations, building relationships, conducting meetings, giving presentations, and dealing with organizational and conflict management in multicultural contexts.

Coursework incorporates language skills into content areas such as finance and economics, commerce, import/export control, agriculture, hospitality, media and public relations, sustainable energy, cyber security, and emerging technologies. Content is drawn from relevant, real-world situations and may include expert interviews and guest speakers.


Customized Program Design & Real-World Skills

Experienced Academic & Field Experts

Individual & Group Options – Flexible Scheduling

Professional Communication Areas

Business negotiation

Conflict management

Customer relations

Public relations

Public speaking

Personal branding

Cross-border relationship building 

Business presentations

Business culture and etiquette

Partnership building

Employee relations

Competitive bargaining

Domain-specific terminology

Accent Reduction

Custom Programs

The following sample custom programs can be developed around industry-specific contexts with a focus on skills critical to international business communication. They were designed for specific clients and can be modified to accommodate your needs.

U.S.-China Intercultural Business Communication

  • English or Chinese; intermediate to advanced levels

Communication Skills for Building Global Relationships

  • English, Spanish, French, or Chinese; intermediate to advanced levels

Harnessing the Power of the Global Team 

  • Cross-cultural training program for a global team

Business Negotiations for Nonnative Speakers of English

  • High-intermediate to advanced levels

Cross-Cultural Communications for Managers and Executives

  • 3-5 day workshop modules for native and high-level nonnative  speakers of English:
    • Module 1: Building Cultural Intelligence in High-Potential Leaders
    • Module 2: Multicultural Team Building in a Virtual Environment
    • Module 3: Leading Global Teams and Understanding the Cultural Matrix
    • Module 4: Conflict Management in Multicultural Settings

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