Diverse group of people sitting around a table for a work meeting

Create a team culture that capitalizes on its global strengths.

​​​​​​Harnessing the Power of the Global Team is a cross-cultural training program for a global team. Through exposure to the value that cultural diversity brings to their team, participants learn how to design and implement cross-cultural action strategies to work effectively together, reach team goals, build trust, and contribute to the vision of the company.

Who should take this program?

  • Members of a global team from any country, department, and level within the organization.
  • Employees of a global company interested in learning about working in a global team.
  • Suppliers, contractors, and vendors working with a global team.

Global Team Model

Learn and apply the Global Team Model to meet your team’s goals and expand the vision of your organization.

Step One - Identify

  • Identify team’s strengths and challenges in working across cultures.
  • Identify team challenges that impact high performance.

Step Two - Engage

  • Engage in interactive discussions, experiential group activities, and thought-provoking “knowledge checks.”
  • Engage in a goal-setting exercise to align individual and team goals with organizational goals.

Step Three - Design

  • Design team processes and protocols that embrace cultural commonalities and differences.
  • Design and commit to a Team Accountability Charter to keep the goodwill flowing and hold team members accountable for commitments and goal attainment.

Step Four - Apply

  • Apply newly designed processes and protocols to a current team challenge, or
  • Apply newly designed processes and protocols to an upcoming project or hypothetical project.

Program Features

  • Engage with team members and expert facilitators onsite, online or hybrid settings.
  • Benefit from high-quality training from academic and field experts with business experience working with global teams.
  • Learn the norms of the team’s international cultures that drive behaviors and explore how those behaviors impact collaboration, problem solving and risk taking.
  • Examine the common values between the cultures in the global team and learn how to build on those values to increase trust across cultures.
  • Learn a process to establish and achieve individual and team goals.
  • Create and commit to a culturally-savvy charter to hold team members accountable and acknowledge member contributions to team success.
  • Apply insights from the program to a current team challenge, previous challenge, or upcoming project.

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To discuss how we can customize an on-site, off-site, and/or online program that is right for your specific needs, please contact Alicia Brent.