Harness the Power

Create a team culture that capitalizes on its global strengths.

​​​​​​Harnessing the Power of the Global Team is a cross-cultural training program for a global team. The program is designed as a four-step process to build skills and awareness for global professional to work more effectively in an international contextIt looks at aspects of organizational awareness, relationship building, leadership, and team building through a cross-cultural lens with a strong emphasis on building trust and raising awareness of intercultural and interpersonal team dynamics.  

Who Should Enroll

  • Members of a global team from any country or level within the organization
  • Employees of a global company interested in working on a global team
  • Suppliers, contractors, and vendors working with a global team.

Global Team Model

Step One - Identify

Identify cultural expectations and perceptions that drive behaviors and explore how those behaviors impact collaboration and problem solving on a multi-cultural team.

Step Two - Analyse

Analyse and understand how individual and cultural values can impact the perception of trust and use this understanding to build stronger relationships among team members.

Step Three -  Apply 

Apply the knowledge of cultural values and trust-building to communicate in a way that demonstrates  intercultural awareness and builds a more engaged and dynamic team. 

Step Four -  Establish

Establish best practices to address specific team challenges and resolve conflicts to lay the groundwork for a more effective and collaborative team.

Program Features 

  • Onsite, online, or hybrid options available
  • Customizable program
  • Flexible schedule  
  • Qualified facilitators  
  • Guest speakers with field-specific expertise

Sample Activity: Trust Building

Since norms about trust can vary across different settings and in different groups and cultures, how can we accurately assess cross-cultural trustworthiness?

Building Trust

This video explores two actions we can take to develop our ability to identify trust across cultures:

  1. Engaging in dialogue and then following through.
  2. Honing our skills of observation. 


  • Watch the video.
  • After watching the video, work through the Description-Interpretation-Evaluation activity. When interacting with people of different cultures, we sometimes climb the ladder of inference into interpreting and evaluating objective data before we even realize it. This activity helps raise awareness of the difference between describing, interpreting, and evaluating and how to mindfully use each. 
  • Think about how this concept of describing, interpreting, and evaluating affects trust in a relationship. Note: In the program, we would discuss this in our synchronous session.

Contact Us

To discuss how we can customize an on-site, off-site, and/or online program that is right for your specific needs, please contact Alicia Brent.