Students working in laptop computers

The Cyber Initiative provides an interdisciplinary approach to assessing the policy impact of the information age on security, peace, development, and communications in international affairs.

Combining Research and Education with a Focus on Policy

The Cyber Initiative was launched in 2013, and its director also serves as a visiting faculty member in the Middlebury Institute’s MA in Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies, and teaches classes on topics related to cybersecurity. 

Since its inception, the Initiative has helped the Institute identify and attract experts in this field to teach workshops and short courses on their areas of expertise.

Research Support

The Cyber Initiative brings in grants to support research efforts that address policy aspects of the role of technology in international affairs. Though we do not focus on highly technical approaches to cyberspace issues, we partner with those who do in order to provide a balanced effort.

Educational Advantages 

Many professors and students at the Institute incorporate technology and cyber issues into their studies and research, and the Cyber Initiative is just one of several resources at the Institute.

Working with Students

The director of the Cyber Initiative works directly with students as the faculty advisor to the student-run Cyber Security Working Group. Together they sponsor a seminar series that attracts a variety of international experts.
The director also coaches student teams that participate in competitions related to cybersecurity. In March 2018, a team of four students won the prize for “Best Written Brief” in the Atlantic Council’s Cyber 9/12 Student Challenge in Washington, D.C.

Central Location

With its location near Silicon Valley and in Monterey, which is a home to key U.S. military and civilian government entities, the Cyber Initiative can reflect the pulse of the local and national perspectives. Our international policy engagements in cyberspace and our physical connection to the Institute ensure we capture international voices on cyber policy issues. By doing so, we aim to inform policy makers from a bottom-up approach that can complement existing efforts.