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In addition to their academic expertise, our IPD faculty have professional experience in major international organizations, including UNCHR (the UN Refugee Agency), USAID, the World Bank, and the State Department. They bring a genuine commitment to the success of our students and become mentors and colleagues.

Regular Faculty

Tsuneo Akaha


Email: takaha@miis.edu
Tel: +18316473564
Office: Casa Fuente Building CF300J

William Arrocha


Email: warrocha@miis.edu
Tel: +18316474163
Office: Casa Fuente Building CF300H

Mahabat Baimyrzaeva

Associate Professor

Email: mbaimyrz@miis.edu
Tel: +18316474155
Office: McCone Building

Jan Knippers Black


Email: jblack@miis.edu
Tel: +18316474180
Office: McCone Building M117

Jeff Dayton-Johnson

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Institute

Email: jdaytonjohnson@miis.edu
Tel: +18316474647
Office: Segal Building

Fernando DePaolis

Dean, Graduate School of International Policy and Management

Email: FDePaolis@miis.edu
Tel: +18316473568
Office: McCone Building M113

Kent Glenzer

Associate Professor

Email: kglenzer@miis.edu
Tel: +18316474149
Office: McCone Building M114

Pushpa Iyer

Associate Professor; Director, Center for Conflict Studies

Email: piyer@miis.edu
Tel: +18316477104
Office: McCone Building M124D

Nükhet Kardam


Email: nkardam@miis.edu
Tel: +18316474147
Office: Casa Fuente Building CF300E

Beryl Levinger

Distinguished Professor; Program Chair, International Policy and Development; Master of Public Administration

Email: BLevinger@miis.edu
Tel: +18316476640
Office: McCone Building M212

Wei Liang

Professor; Program Co-Chair, International Trade and Economic Diplomacy

Email: wliang@miis.edu
Tel: +18316474142
Office: McCone Building M116

Robert McCleery


Email: rmccleer@miis.edu
Tel: +18316474146
Office: McCone Building M112

Phil Murphy

Associate Professor

Email: pjmurphy@miis.edu
Tel: +18316474600
Office: McCone Building M224

Alfredo Ortiz

Adjunct Faculty

Email: aortiz@miis.edu
Tel: +18316474675
Office: McCone Building 320B

Scott Pulizzi

Visiting Assistant Professor

Email: spulizzi@miis.edu
Tel: +18316474155
Office: Casa Fuente CF443A

Faculty Emeritus

Edward J. Laurance

Gordon Paul Smith Professor Emeritus

Email: elauranc@miis.edu
Tel: +18316474144
Office: Casa Fuente 443D