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Chelsea Segal
Chelsea Segal MPA ‘19 shared her experience studying international development in India as part of the Middlebury Institute Summer Instagram Series. 

For many Middlebury Institute students, summer break provides a great opportunity to test some of the theories and skills from the classroom in jobs, internships and fellowships related to their field of study.

This year, nine students from various degree programs volunteered to take over the Institute’s official Instagram account (@middleburyinstitute) for one week at a time and share their experience through images and videos and interesting bits of information.

On June 17th, international environmental policy student Erin Lannon MAIEP ’19 kicked off our summer Instagram series, sharing images and stories from her Environmental Defense Fund Climate Corps Fellowship in Boston. Chelsea Segal MPA ’19 followed with a takeover from India where she represented the Institute in a six-week program sponsored by Duke Sanford School and the Indian Institute of Management Udaipur. International education management student Merideth Stroh MAIEM ’18 spent her summer working at Northeastern University in Boston as part of the practicum requirement of her degree. Stroh was followed by Amy Marcus MAIEM/MPA ’18 who brought us back to India. Marcus spent her summer in Jaipur, India, studying Hindi on the U.S. State Department Critical Language Scholarship. Translation and localization management student Emily Skalovsky MATLM ’19 gained valuable professional experience in her Immersive Professional Learning summer internship in Seoul, South Korea.

Summer Instagram Series June 17-July 22

Erin Lannon
“What a great day at the 2018 New Jersey Sustainability Summit! I learned about Jerseys new energy goals! I had a chance to meet business leaders, policy makers, and engaged volunteers who are leading the way implementing innovative projects with an emphasis on the triple bottom line.” Erin Lannon MAIEP ‘19 on June 21.
Chelsea Segal India Project
“On day 2 of my field visit to the village, Bhakoomba, we organized a meeting with community members to begin drawing a social map of the community. It is important to help members see and understand their own resources.” Chelsea Segal MPA ‘19 on June 26. 
Merideth Stroh
“Today I had the opportunity to host several inspiring individuals from the Boston community speak about the importance of community service and how to get involved. Here is Angela from the YMCA in Chinatown speaking to the fabulous international students I get to work with everyday!” Merideth Stroh MAIEM ‘18 on July 6.
Amy Marcus
“The monsoon rains are finally in full force! What a relief after weeks of extreme heat and dry air. It’s not too cool to enjoy a delicious lassi served in a clay cup from one of the best lassi joints in town, though!” Amy Marcus MPA/MAIEM ‘18 on July 15. 
Emily Skalovsky
“Today I stopped by the Teach North Korean Refugees (TNKR) office to discuss the progress of the localization projects I’ve been leading over the past month.” Emily Skalovsky MATLM ‘19 on July 18. 

By July 22nd, the Institute Instagram account was posting from Rwanda as dual degree public administration and international education management student Becca Beckham MPA/MAIEP ’19 shared stories and insights from her summer internship with Catholic Relief Services in Kigali. From the lush forests and mountains of Rwanda to the tropical waters of the Bahamas. As part of the Middlebury Social Impact Corps, Abi Ferrazzini MAIEP ’19 interned at the Cape Eleuthera Institute in the Bahamas where she worked on coral restoration projects and got good use out of her diving equipment. Her classmate Abbey Brown MAIEP ’18 took us back to the United States, to the nation’s capital where she interned with The NDC Partnership, a coalition between the World Resources Institute, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, 78 countries and 18 institutions. The summer series was concluded by Zhishen Zhang MBA/MAIPD ’19 who shared his experience interning with the United Nations Development Programme in Samoa where he worked on improving financial inclusion through accessible digital services.  

Summer Instagram Series July 22-August 18

Becca Beckham
“My main priority is working on the Duhinga Neza (We Farm Well) agriculture pilot program. The programs purpose is to increase smallholder farmers productivity and profitability using quality agriculture inputs supplied via a private input supply provider model and certified seed multiplication system.” Becca Beckham MPA/MAIEP ‘19 on July 22.
Abi Ferrazzini
“A few of the things we’ve done for research on juvenile green sea turtles here at CEI are boat & drone surveys, epibiont research, samples & measurements, turtle tagging, and monitoring sea turtle reaction to boats, people, & drones.” Abi Ferrazzini MAIEP ‘19 on July 30.
Abbey Brown
“As a born and raised Seattleite, I am here to inform you that it rains more in Washington, DC than it does in Seattle. Also, while DC has both numbered and lettered streets, there is no J Street.” Abbey Brown MAIEP ‘19 on August 7. 
Zhishen Zhang
“”When will you come back?” A lot of people brought this question to me in the last few days. I do not have a clear answer at the point. Yet, I have met here some of the nicest people in the world, seen here some of the most scenic places, had here some great moments and encounters, even those adrenaline ones with the street dogs.” Zhishen Zhang MBA/MAIPD ‘19 on August 18.

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