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Philipp Bleek

Associate Professor; Acting Program Chair, Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies

Email: pbleek@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-6509
Office: McGowan Building MG205

Avner Cohen


Email: avnerc@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-6437
Office: McGowan Building MG203

Ferenc Dalnoki-Veress


Email: jdalnokiveress@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4638
Office: 499 Van Buren Street, Rm. 210

Jeffrey Lewis

Director, East Asia Nonproliferation Project (EANP)

Email: jlewis@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-6616
Office: 499 Van Buren Street, Rm. 229

George Moore


Email: gmoore@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4613
Office: 499 Van Buren Street, Rm. 214

William Potter

Professor; Director, James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies

Email: wpotter@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4154
Office: 499 Van Buren Street, Rm. 234

Raymond A. Zilinskas

Director, Chemical and Biological Weapons Nonproliferation Program, and Senior Scientist

Email: rzilinskas@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-6545
Office: 499 Van Buren Street, Rm. 120

Robert Shaw, Director, Export Control and Nonproliferation Program
Masako Toki, Project Manager and Research Associate, Education Program
Jessica Varnum, NTI Project Manager, Research Associate, Adjunct Professor