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    FMS Spotlight: Shannon Prudhomme

    | by Shannon Prudhomme

    “The FMS training provided me with information and approaches to consider in assessing community needs and understanding ways different types of capital can be strategically blended to achieve long-term social, environmental, and financial outcomes.” Prudhomme (FMS Winter ’19) works as an FMS Fellow for the Africa Women Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum (AWIEF) in Cape Town, South Africa, where she aids in the expansion of their three accelerator programs.

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    FMS Spotlight: James Francis Scott

    | by James Francis Scott

    “I would highly recommend applying to FMS because I would not have the same direction and path were it not for my ten days in Monterey.” Middlebury College student, James Francis Scott, shares his experience in the Frontier Market Scouts Certificate Program.

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    FMS Faculty Spotlight: Eric Maltzer

    | by Eric Maltzer

    “Middlebury’s FMS program is one of the most exciting, targeted, and remarkable academic efforts I’ve ever experienced.” Frontier Market Scouts (FMS) instructor Eric Maltzer on his experience with the Frontier Market Scouts and the future of Impact Investing.  

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    FMS Spotlight: Shinae Meylor

    | by Shinae Meylor

    “During the program, networking with some of the instructors left me inspired and motivated, as if anything is possible and it was okay that I did not succeed in my first business.” Shinae Meylor MAIPD ‘19 shares her experience with the Frontier Market Scouts certificate program.

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    FMS Spotlight: Erick Crockenberg

    | by Erick Crockenberg

    “The Frontier Market Scouts certificate training offered me a unique opportunity to learn from and work alongside a spectrum of experienced investors, entrepreneurs, and peers.” Erick Crockenberg FMS Winter 2019 shares his experience with the Frontier Market Scouts 2-week certificate program.

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    FMS Spotlight: Camilla Vogt

    “FMS connected me with two amazing fellowships, which have provided the tangible skills I will need to build a career at the intersection of policy and business.” Camilla Vogt FMS Winter 2018 shares how FMS was pivotal in helping her develop the knowledge base necessary to be successful in her current placements at Unreasonable Group and FinClusive Capital.