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Annie and Save the Waves
Annie Otfinoski worked with the Save the Waves Coalition to gain experience in the field of ocean and coastal management. Save the Waves has previously hosted students from the Institute’s Environmental Policy and Management degree program. 

This semester more than 100 Middlebury Institute students are participating in our distinguished semester-long experiential learning and practicum courses. Students are working around the globe with organizations making a positive impact in various fields while continuing their studies here at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies.

In the United States, practicum internship students are working with organizations as close as Monterey, California, and as far away as Washington, D.C. We also have several students working abroad in China, Costa Rica, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Japan, Montenegro, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Students in our translation practicum are translating content ranging from best-selling novels to narratives produced by a video game character. 

The following courses provide students with applied, hands-on learning that connects their academic training with their professional fields of interest. 

Fazila Muradi at UNICEF
Fazila Muradi (IEM/MPA) at the United Nations in New York, NY working with the UNICEF Innocenti Project in fall 2023. 

The Professional Service Semester

The Professional Service Semester (PSS) is an experience designed for students in the Environmental Policy and Management and Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies programs. The PSS experience allows students to apply skills and knowledge gained through their prior coursework in a professional setting. These experiential learning courses serve as stepping stones to their future careers. 

Name Organization Location
Gabe Albright Boren Fellowship: Renewable Energy Goals Taiwan
Arthur Eschbach Monterey Bay Aquarium, Facilities Project Management Monterey, CA
Eli Horton State Department Statutory Compliance and Research Division Charleston, SC
Karan Kunwar California Farmlink and Independent Research Project: Developing a City Climate Action Plan Monterey, CA
Mary Zuccarello Y Analytics Pacific Grove, CA
Lily Tyson Independent Research Project: Trends in Nuclear Energy Coverage By US Media Virtual / U.S. East Coast

International Education Management and Joint MPA/International Education Management Practicum

The International Education Management (IEM) and joint MPA/International Education Management practicum is focused on gaining practical experience and advanced management skills for students entering the career of international education. 

Name Organization Location
Helen Jiang Middlebury Institute Fellowships Monterey, CA
Quintessence Townsend EducationUSA Almaty Almaty, Kazakhstan
Marwa Shalaby Advantages Digital Learning Solutions Reno, NV
Fazila Muradi UNICEF Innocenti Project Youth Engagement Section New York, NY
Brandyn Solano Village Community School, Admissions New York, NY
Kristy Kerin Brewster Academy, Head of School Wolfeboro, NH
Kamala Frazier Middlebury School Abroad- Japan ICU Tokyo, Japan
Leilah Mouna Northeastern University (N.U. in Northern Ireland) Belfast, Ireland
Flora Wang College of Southern Nevada (CSN) International Center Las Vegas, NV
Rachel Bornstein University of Tennessee- Knoxville, Programs Abroad Knoxville, TN
Subira Popenoe Middlebury Schools Abroad-Spain Madrid, Spain
Brandon Johnson San Jose State University-Study Abroad San Jose, CA
Carly Zilge SRAS: Study, Research, and Custom Programs Abroad Woodside, CA
Jelana Szymanski Middlebury School Abroad-China Beijing, China

International Policy and Development, MPA, and International Trade Practicum 

Starting in May 2023, the Master in Public Administration (MPA), MA in International Policy and Development (IPD), and MA in International Trade (ITED) degrees combined all practicum course options within one course. Students can select to complete a work project for an organization where they are completing a job or internship, a client project for a partner organization, or independent academic research that is published in an academic journal or self-published through Middlebury digital platforms. 

Below is a list of current participants for both programs, their organizations, and their locations: 

Name Organization Location
Emma Miller UNICEF ESARO Nairobi, Kenya
Kami Skolmoski Amnesty International Washington D.C.
Gorden Struck Department of Homeland Security, Trade Transparency Unit  Washington D.C.
Maria Pechurina Independent Research: International Trade and Economic Diplomacy in Vietnam and Thailand San Francisco, CA
Maria Zaharatos UNICEF, Green Yoma Fellowship Nairobi, Kenya
Michael Brazinski UN Office of Disarmament Affairs, Conventional Arms Branch New York, NY
Stephanie Smittkamp UNICEF Evaluation Office New York, NY
Julian Hernandez-Webster International Organization for Migration San José, Costa Rica
Maddison Fairs TechSoup Global San Francisco, CA
Nancy Kwang Johnson U.S. State Department and UNICEF Montenegro and Senegal
Yui Sze Kam Independent Research: The Impacts of Southeast Asia Hydropower Projects Monterey, CA; Thailand, Vietnam
Kyle Groben Fund for Peace Washington D.C.
John Matthew Conely UNICEF, Responsible Data for Children Initiative  New York, NY
Emmy Ruff Fund for Peace Washington D.C.
Chia Aygoda UNICEF Climate Fellow Nairobi, Kenya
Christina Guerrero Independent Research: Analysis of East Salinas Schools Test Scores  Salinas, CA
Robert Flight Lucid Motors Tempe, Arizona
MacKenzie Van Meter Independent Research: Conflict Transformation and the Mekong River in Thailand and Vietnam Monterey, CA
Iao Harrowe Independent Research: African Wildlife Foundation, GIS, and FPV Drone Technology for Anti-Poaching Measures  Monterey, CA
Stephanie Teeuwen World Economic Forum San Francisco, CA

TESOL and Teaching Foreign Language Practicum 

TESOL and Teaching Foreign Language (TFL) students are combining reflective practice and professional development in preparation for careers in language education.

Below is a list of current participants for both programs and their projects:

Name Project
Runpeng Zheng MIIS Language Studies Chinese instructor
Elisabeth Ampthor  Monterey Peninsula College, Instruction
Yuchen Hsueh at the International School
Yuchen Hsueh works with students at the International School of the Peninsula in Palo Alto in March of 2021. Student teaching is an important part of the Teaching Foreign Languages practicum. 

Translation and Localization Management Practicum

The Translation and Localization Management (TLM) program offers hands-on experience through Localization practicum, which is a core class both in the fall and the spring semesters for second-year students. The fall TLM Practicum is divided into 2 sections (A and B), run by different professors.

Section A, led by Professor Martins, is designed for people who prefer to work on existing student-run projects, such as the student-led magazine, podcast, mentorship program, school outreach, etc., or create and run their own special project. Students can also design and complete their own localization-related research project, participate in an internship in a real-world company, or work for a nonprofit organization such as Women in Localization or The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA). The projects and internships all have a learning component, and students are expected to share their experiences with each other to foster knowledge sharing.

Below is a list of current projects for Localization Practicum Section A:

Name (s) Organization Project

Benjamin Mendelsohn

Madelyn R Sanchez

Lindsay Vail

Middlebury Institute Loc Ready: Career Readiness Resource for Localization Students

Lesley Chang

Xiaohui Hu

Melissa A Svenningsen

Women in Localization MIIS Chapter Increasing Social Media Presence 

Anastasia L Reshetikhin

Sarah Tesfasion

Erica Zhang

Middlebury Institute ROAR magazine 
Lai Yuxuan  Masterword Masterword Localizability Improvements
Ming Jing Innovation Project/Start-up Initiative Crowdsourcing Game Localization
Emilia Primavera Individual Research Project Accessibility 101 
Christine Ding Individual Research Project KFC Global Explorer
Nicholas B Niculescu Individual Research Project Tenryumura History
Shuyun Xiao Individual Research Project TFE (Translation for the Elders)
Xiaoying An Individual Research Project Gaming Localization

Section B led by Professor Klaudinyova is run in conjunction with a fall Program Management class. TLM students are paired with industry mentors to design strategies for different localization programs. Students work with senior localization professionals and explore the real world of multinational companies expanding into international markets (for buyer-side programs) or the ins and outs of the work of Localization Service Providers (LSPs)—who are the localization agencies supporting buyers, executing the work and enabling the global expansion.

Names Industry Mentor Project

Yiqing Lu

Rosetta Guo

Xiaoyu Cai

Binyuan Liu

Edith Bendermacher, Director, Globalization Strategy and Localization Operations, NetApp Localization Program Strategy (LULU Commerce, an e-commerce platform specializing in maternal and infant products)

Zhihao Wang

Sisi Li

Da Sun

Colleen Feng, Product Manager, CC, Adobe  Software Localization Program (building a program to localize Adobe Express)

Jiayi Zhai

Stephanie Lu

Yijun Guo

Harold Teng, Sr Manager, Localization, Intuit  Marketing Localization Program (Sell-easy, a start-up CRM platform company)

Amy Lyu

Hannah Epstein

Gretchen Mina

Peng Xu

Nazanin Azari, Localization Manager, Blackbird.io  Tech Pubs and Support localization Program (Mermaid, a SAAS company - an open-source code on GitHub)

Yuqin Liu

Lide Zhang

Hina Hassan

Junjun Cao, Sr Localization Manager, Chegg  Multimedia Localization Program (an indie games developer company called Wadjet Eye Games)

Lea Bruzzo Delgadillo

Man-Yi Ma

Wei-San Chiang

June Jiang

Oleks Pysaryuk, Sr Manager, Globalization Technology, GitLab  Localization technology program (StreamWave, a streaming platform)

Xiaoyan Chen

Dayna Brown

Yuqi Liu

Tony He, self-employed  Language Service Provider-Small (setting up a small language services business called LingoPro from scratch)

Zitong Huang

Hannah Berke

Kira Cao

Marie Flacassier, COO, BeatBabel  Language Service Provider-Medium (setting up production at a medium-sized agency called KnownLocale, working for a client in healthcare)

Huiyi Chen

Qianqian Ma

Min Hae Kim

Allison McDougall, Executive Vice President, G3 Translate  Language Service Provide-Large (building a sales/account management program for Headspace, a client in mental health, meditation and mindfulness space)
Matt Schetina
Matt Schetina (MA TI  FR—EN ‘22) completing translation work for TED Conferences in 2021. Matt also served as a junior interpreter for the Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, worked at AsylumConnect, and as a graduate assistant interpretation manager during his time at MIIS. He is now an account manager with Mother Tongue in Long Beach, California. 

Translation Practicum

The Translation Practicum is a project-based course. Each student must translate at least 5000 words of a book, publication, etc. of their choice, with the exception of the students who work as interns for Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, a public policy think tank. They, too, must submit at least 5000 words of translation. In addition to the translation, each student must submit a glossary of at least 50 unique words or expressions (not found in common dictionaries) and a diary, tracking their work (difficulties, solutions, pitfalls, etc.). Students could select a piece that they have always wanted to translate.

Below is a list of current participants and their projects:

Name Translated Work
Luciana D Aliendre Chacon Derecho Ambiental  (by María Cecilia Chacon Rendón) 
Sarah Blackwell  The Real British Secondary School Days  (Lit. “I am Yellow, White, and a Bit Blue”)  (by Mikako Brady) 
Tianhao Chen Translation of a Character (Nick’s quotes in the video game, Left 4 Dead 2) 
Shay Kim Research Presentation Summaries: Speakers at an international ecology and peace forum held in South Korea
Hitomi Kinno Millionaire Women Next Door (by Thomas J. Stanley, PhD)
Yuxuan Lai Hoover Institution Internship: Stanford University as a Chinese translator participating in translation, editing and proofreading for Senior Fellow Niall Ferguson’s Kissinger Biography Project. 
Doeon Lee Hoover Institution Internship: Soviet-American Cold War Relations in the 1970s for the Second Volume of Senior Fellow Niall Ferguson’s Kissinger Biography Project 
Han Li The Calcutta Chromosome (by Amitav Ghosh) 
Nan Li Exploring Tibet Zhentang Town (by Ao Chao) 
Ziyu Li Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing: A Memoir  (by Matthew Perry) 
Xiaohan Liang Never Together: The Economic History of a Segregated America (by Peter Temin) 
Xi Liu Modern Love, Revised and Updated: True Stories of Love, Loss, and Redemption (Edited by Daniel Jones) 
Zexiang Liu Science Popularization (various topics) 
Adam Lozier

1. “Le commerce international, nouveau théâtre des conflits géostratégiques” 

2. “Guerre économique et multilatéralisme : un conflit majeur se dessine-t-il ?” 

3. “L’avenir des traités commerciaux” 

Caroline Ma All Creatures Great and Small (by James Herriot) 
Jing Min The Life She Wanted (by Anita Abriel) 
Gretchen Mina

Младенец и Черт” or “The Infant and the Devil  

Boris Akunin (actual name is Grigori Chkhartishvili) 

Amory Mu The Hobbit, or There and Back Again (by J.R.R. Tolkien) 
Joon Seok Park An Alternative Framework for Agent Recruitment: From MICE to RASCLS (by Randy Burkett) 
Ruijing Qin Into the Bright Sunshine: Young Hubert Humphrey and the Fight for Civil Rights (by Samuel G. Freedman) 
Elisabeth Speece

Mujeres colombianas en Chile: discursos y experiencia migratoria desde la interseccionalidad (Colombian Women in Chile: Discourses and Migration Experiences from the Perspective of Intersectionality)  

(by Juan Fernández Labbé, Vivian Díaz Allendes, Tatiana Aguirre Sanhueza, and Valentina Cortínez O’Ryan) 

Yu-Ting Tai

Why Taiwan is So Much Richer Than China (by Casual Scholar) 

Why China’s Plans For Taiwan Are in Trouble (by The Infographics Show) 

Yu Tao Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School (by John Medina) 
Christopher Valdivieso Expédition de Madagascar : Carnet de campagne du LT - Colonel Lentonnet, tentatively translated as Madagascar 1895-1896: The War Diary of Lt. Col. Lentonnet  (by Jean-Louis Lentonnet) 
Wei Wang A Profile of China’s National Defense (by Foreign Languages Press) 
Victoria Wu Life and Death in Shanghai (by Nien Cheng) 
Mako Yoshida Inventing Ourselves: The Secret Life of the Teenage Brain (by Sarah-Jayne Blakemore)
Junjun Zhan Dealing with China, an Insider Unmasks the New Economic Superpower (by Henry M. Paulson) 
Jiaqi Zhang The Power of PR Parenting (by Marjie Hadad) 
Shirley Zhao Microcopy: The Complete Guide (by Kinneret Yifrah) 
Yunlong Zheng The Mamba Mentality (by Kobe Bryant) 

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