Graduates of our International Environmental Policy (IEP) master’s degree program find careers with the most prestigious environmental organizations, as well as in government and the private sector. They are on the cutting edge, designing solutions to make sustainability a reality, with an eye toward effective behavioral interventions and persuasive communication.

Alumni Careers

Why the Institute: Professional experience before you graduate

My name is Melis Okter, I was an International Environmental Policy student at the Middlebury Institute. I am currently an environmental scientist and coastal planner at Dudek, in their Oakland office, and what I mainly focus on is sea level rise policy.

I was studying science-based stuff in my undergrad and I had this moment when I felt like there was a lot of science going on but there wasn’t so much of the implementation. So I took a shift from looking at science-based PhD programs to more practical masters or PhD programs and I came across the Middlebury Institute and the IEP program had a really good intersect of science and policy.

That was the best part of it because if you don’t have a lot of job experience, you can focus on what you did in your class; not what you learned, but how you implemented what you were learning. Several of our classes, we had to write vulnerability assessment, or go out and do some sort of fieldwork that we translate into a policy. And those were directly applicable tools that I was able to show people while I was applying to jobs: ”Hey look, I’m on the younger end of the spectrum. I don’t have a whole lot of job experience, but this is how I know how to do a lot of this stuff.”

I don’t think there’s any contaminated sites, but I just wanted to make sure there’s someone confirming that.

The Middlebury Institute offers you a lot of flexibility to form what you’re most interested in and we have access to some great positions around Monterey. We have NOAA right by us, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Big Sur Land Trust and they all know our professors really well. So our professors are always looking to get their students these great positions and they get to know what you’re interested in to give you job opportunities while you’re there.

I think I valued most just how much the faculty cares about their students and really wants to see them succeed. Jason Scorse, the director of the IEP program actually sent me this job position. So I think a lot of them are really invested in their students post-graduation. In my undergrad, I went to UC San Diego, so it’s huge, and I don’t think I had a single professor that I interfaced with very often. So coming from a big school, I think the small campus in a small town with a really small program was really beneficial.

Elea Becker Lowe headshot

Elea Becker Lowe

Current Employment: Environmental Scientist, California Natural Resources Agency (Sacramento, California).

Institute Advantage: I got to meet leading professionals at the many IEP extracurricular events. My role on Student Council gave me the confidence to be bold in my learning in and outside of the classroom. DPMI and Professor Langholz’s Conservation Program Design and Evaluation course gave me the direct tools and experience that have been essential to my job. I can say without a doubt that the lessons, connections, resources, or stories from just about every experience at the Middlebury Institute have brought me to where I am today and will continue to serve me throughout the next steps in my career.

Story: How I Got Hired

Matt Coomer, International Environmental Policy graduate

Matt Coomer

Current Employment: Communications and Membership Manger, Phinney Neighborhood Association (Seattle, Washington)

First Job After Graduation: Conservation Projects and Communications Coordinator, the Marine Conservation Institute (Seattle, Washington)

Internship: Center for the Blue Economy Fellow, Conservation International (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Institute Immersive Learning: Center for the Blue Economy Fellowship; NOAA Marine Debris Program IPSS Fellow

Institute Advantage: My Center for the Blue Economy Fellowship with Conservation International Hawaii showed me how a nonprofit organization works in the field, and my International Professional Service Semester with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Marine Debris Program helped me hone valuable new skills. The unique, real-world experiences offered through the Institute are what really made me stand out when, at the end of the day, anyone else can earn the same degree.

Story: How I Got Hired

Nick Fisher, Business Administration graduate

Nick Fisher

Current Employment: Associate Director, CCS Fundraising (San Francisco, California)

First Job After Graduation: Senior Advancement Manager, Greenbelt Alliance (San Francisco, California)

Internship: Grants Coordinator, Big Sur Land Trust (Monterey, California)

Institute Immersive Learning: Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program; Frontier Market Scouts

Institute Advantage: All of the client-facing opportunities at the Institute helped me prepare for my current job. The projects required patience, flexibility, and professionalism beyond the deliverables for a letter grade. The Institute course work taught me many things, but most importantly, it taught me project management skills and working in a team—skills that I use in my job every day.

María López Godoy MAIEP ’20

María López Godoy

First Job After Graduation: Graduate Student Assistant, Monitoring and Stewardship Unity of the California Natural Resources Agency (Sacramento, California)

Institute Advantage: The MIIS network, every class project, and some career advice I received have been by far the most helpful. I was able to connect with professionals and alumni many times and discuss ideas and expectations. At the same time, I always focused class projects on real experiences that could contribute to my job search and my professional growth.

Story: How I Got Hired

Cameron Steagall MAIEP ’20

Cameron Steagall

Current Employment: Collaborations Manager, Business for Social Responsibility (New York City, New York)

First Job After Graduation: Business for Social Responsibility (New York City, New York)

Internship: Center for Climate and Energy Solutions and the Port of Stockton

Institute Immersive Learning: Social Impact Corps Scholar

Institute Advantage: Working on specific, tailored projects in courses was helpful in building a portfolio to share with potential employers. It was also helpful to participate in immersive learning experiences such as serving as a Social Impact Corps Scholar in Peru, and taking part in the International Professional Service Semester, through which I got my internship with the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions.

Story: How I Got Hired

One Year After Graduation

Many of our alumni are in rewarding careers around the world; scroll down to see where they are and what they are doing within 12 months of graduation.

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Data sources and terminology

  • Anchorage Solar
  • Big Sur Land Trust
  • California Natural Resources Agency
  • City of San Jose
  • E25Bio
  • Earth Angel Sustainable Production Services
  • Fresh Approach
  • Itacaré Department of Environment
  • Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District
  • Oceana
  • Oceankind
  • Rare
  • Rincon Consultants
  • San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission
  • Santa Barbara County Association of Governments
  • Scissortail Park Foundation
  • Study of Environmental Arctic Change
  • The City of Monterey
  • The General Services Administration (GSA)
  • U.S. Army
  • Voltus
  • WildAid
  • World Wildlife Fund


  • Analytics and Operations Manager
  • Associate Environmental Planner
  • Associate Program Manager
  • Coastal Planner
  • Consultant
  • Deputy Director
  • Development Coordinator
  • Director of Operations and Communications
  • Energy Program Specialist
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Marine Program Coordinator
  • Marine Spatial Scientst
  • Policy and Governance Advisor 
  • Program Manager
  • Regulatory Project Manager
  • Research Associate
  • Risk Management Specialist
  • Supervisory Park Ranger



Employer Testimonial

[The student] … worked steadily and reliably and helped supply all requested tools and analyses in time … We will miss her a lot … Any institution would be lucky to have her on board.

International Professional Service Semester Supervisor, Conservation International

Summer 2019

Secured Opportunity: 97%

LocationsBahamas, Ecuador, Germany, Mozambique, Peru, United States

Select Internship Employers

  • Alfred Wegener Institute German Arctic Office
  • Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development
  • BSR
  • California Coastal Commission
  • California Green Business Network
  • California Natural Resources Agency
  • California State Lands Commission
  • Center for the Blue Economy
  • Center for Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation
  • Citizens’ Campaign for the Environment
  • Department of Toxic Substances Control 
  • Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve 
  • Environmental Defense Fund
  • Fish 2.0
  • Middlebury Institute of International Studies
  • NASA Ames Research Center
  • Reef Check
  • Satoumi Seafood Co. 
  • Social Impact Corps
  • Solar Energy Industries Association
  • Summer Intensive Language Program
  • Think Beyond Plastic
  • Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve
  • WildAid
  • World Wildlife Fund

Select Internship Position Titles

  • Associate
  • Campaign Intern
  • China Ocean Program Intern 
  • Coastal Program Analyst Intern
  • Communication and Research Fellow
  • Dive Specialist
  • Environmental and Social Safeguards
  • Fellow
  • Garden Manager
  • Graduate Assistant, Sustainability Council
  • Graduate Research Assistant
  • Intern
  • Investor/Innovator Relations Intern
  • Marine Research Scholar
  • Ocean Programs Intern
  • Program Manager
  • Project Assistant
  • Project Associate
  • Project Lead
  • Research and Development Intern for the Oceans Program
  • Research Fellow
  • Research Scientist 
  • Scholar
  • Staff Services Analyst
  • Sustainable Transport Collaboration Fellow

Past Internships

Years: 2017, 2018

LocationsBahamas, China, Colombia, Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, Honduras,  , Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Palau, Peru, Rwanda, Vietnam, United States


  • Amigos de Bolsa Chica
  • Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development
  • Big Sur Land Trust
  • Bureau of Land Management Field Office  
  • Business for Social Responsibility (BSR)
  • California State Coastal Conservancy
  • California Farmlink
  • California Natural Resources Agency
  • Cape Eleuthera Institute
  • Carbon Table LLC
  • Catholic Relief Services (CRS)
  • China Nonferrous International Trade Co., Ltd
  • Community Foundation for Monterey County
  • Conservation International
  • Department of Toxic Substances Control 
  • Driscoll’s
  • East-West Center
  • Environmental Defense Fund 
  • Fish 2.0 
  • Fresno Food Commons
  • Fundación E2E
  • Good Food Institute
  • International Arctic Research Center
  • IUCN Oceania
  • Kuli Kuli Foods
  • Marine Mammal Center
  • MEarth
  • Measure to Improve
  • Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust
  • Moringa School
  • Municipality of Anchorage
  • Nature Conservancy
  • NDC Partnership, World Resources Institute
  • NOAA
  • One Earth Future
  • OneReef
  • San Diego Regional Climate Collaborative
  • San Francisco Estuary Partnership
  • Surfrider
  • Sustainable Jersey
  • Think Beyond Plastic
  • University of Galway
  • United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization
  • Wait Institute
  • WildAid
  • World Wildlife Fund (WWF)