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You want to change the world. We will teach you how.

The Middlebury Institute of International Studies is a graduate school of Middlebury College and training ground for developing and implementing practical solutions. It is home to some of the world’s leading experts in global security, sustainability, development, education, and language services. They will be your mentors, teaching you how to advance understanding, promote peace, and drive change in pursuit of a more just world. Get personalized info.

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How Much Is an Otter Worth?

Unprecedented research conducted by the Center for the Blue Economy and Monterey Bay Aquarium with support from Institute students found sea otters drive about $3 million in local ecotourism.

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Respect for Hibakusha

Nuclear nonproliferation researcher Masako Toki writes in the Bulletin for the Atomic Scientists that the dwindling number of atomic bomb survivors—known as hibakusha—have an important role for teaching the next generation of nonproliferation experts.

Bulletin for Atomic Scientists

Martin Manzano

Can Conflict Be Constructive?

Transforming conflict is at the heart of a seven-year Middlebury initiative that is funding dozens of graduate fellows each year to apply their learning in research and community projects.

Sustainability MPA

New Online MPA in Sustainability

The 20-month online degree prepares students to design and lead sustainability and climate initiatives for governments, nonprofits, and businesses.

Why The Middlebury Institute

Learning in Language: Advance Your Global Career

The Middlebury Institute differs from a lot of other institutions in that we’re required to study language here. But also we’re expected to put that language into practice. At the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, I work as a graduate research assistant. And in that role, a lot of my research that I do is conducted in Chinese.

In the field, being able to access documents and media reports in a foreign language, firsthand, directly from sources, is something that’s really important.

We’re learning the language, not just to learn the language, but how to use it in conversations of what we would use in our professional careers.

I haven’t taken a Spanish course since high school. It was intimidating at first, but I was able to catch up. Remember what I needed, just like conversational phrases, and eased right back into it with the grammar and the vocabulary.

There are a lot of great things about being in Monterey and being at the Middlebury Institute. While I’m in school, I’m able to build a portfolio of work using the target language to show to future employers, or if I wanna go to get a PhD. These are real world skills that I’ve put into practice.

Learning language is one step that students who wanna be leaders in this field in the future should take if they have the opportunity. And I definitely felt that going to the Middlebury Institute was my opportunity.

There are just so many benefits and advantages with having a second language, especially in this globalized world. Things are changing, the world is changing. So the Middlebury Institute is taking us on to new approaches, to new methodologies and tools that we can use.

The Beauty of Monterey

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Your Success Is Our Priority

At the Middlebury Institute, your career is our focus from your first day of classes.

You’ll not only take in-depth courses taught by world-renowned experts. You’ll also get personalized, comprehensive academic and professional advising, plus valuable internships and assistantships. You’ll graduate with a practical degree, fully prepared for a rewarding career.

Advance Your Career

Make a Smart Investment in Your Career

88% of students receive scholarships
350+ professional internships annually
96% working within one year of graduation

Our Graduates Work At

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Learn from the Experts

  • I believe that progress is possible only when we grasp at a deep level what caused our missteps.

    Xiaoyan Shen

    Associate Professor, Translation and Interpretation

    Meet Xiaoyan Shen
  • I study terrorism and nuclear weapons, particularly in South Asia: terrorist group strategies, nuclear tension in the subcontinent, and the security of nuclear weapons in Pakistan.

    Sharad Joshi

    Associate Professor, Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies

    Meet Sharad Joshi
  • I am committed to collaborative environments in which societal inequities can be both explored and resisted through the inclusion of diverse voices and ways of knowing.

    Netta Avineri

    Professor, TESOL and Teaching Foreign Language

    Meet Netta Avineri
  • I encourage students to actively reflect on their thought patterns and experiences. I help learners uncover, examine, and potentially replace preexisting ideas and assumptions.

    Mahabat Baimyrzaeva

    Associate Professor, MPA, International Policy and Development

    Meet Mahabat Baimyrzaeva
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Centers and Initiatives

James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies

The Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS) is the largest nongovernmental organization in the world devoted to curbing the spread of weapons of mass destruction—and the only organization dedicated exclusively to graduate education and research.

Visit CNS
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Live and Study in Monterey

An Ideal Location for Your Graduate Studies

The Middlebury Institute is located in the heart of Monterey, California, known as the “language capital of the world.” With our culturally diverse population, educational opportunities, natural and scenic recreation areas, historic significance, and proximity to Silicon Valley, you’ll find a wealth of advantages when you choose to study here.

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Life in Monterey

From housing to recreation to food and history, the Monterey Bay area is one of the top graduate school locations in the U.S.

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