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Why We Chose the Institute

Kyle Pilutti Spotlight

Kylie Pilutti

Studying International Security and Arabic

Middlebury Institute Alumna Ali Crivelli

Ali Crivelli

Earning a master’s in one year

Lisa Li Spotlight

Lisa Li

Combining language studies with technology

Jorge Silva Spotlight

Jorge Silva

Setting the tone for politics

April Danyluk Spotlight

April Danyluk

Building on experience

James Slaton Spotlight

James Slaton

Bringing help to Romanian orphans

Justin Arrington Spotlight

Justin Arrington

Applying learning to life

Anna Galbraith Spotlight

Anna Galbraith

Building a Career on International Experience

Alan Lovewell Spotlight

Alan Lovewell

Turning Business Plans Into Reality

DJ Watts Spotlight

DJ Watts

Building on Language Skills

Michael Ross

Michael Ross

A Rewarding Career Change

Learn from the Experts

Be taught by faculty with extensive professional experience at organizations around the world. You'll be guided by the most up-to-date field information and technology along with expertise and mentoring.

  • As a violinist, I enjoy drawing on musical analogies to make my teaching more meaningful. My research centers around expertise acquisition, effective pedagogical approaches for the consecutive and simultaneous interpretation classroom, and learner autonomy. Recent interpretation assignments include conferences on new Internet technologies and energies, venture capital, paleontology, human rights, education, and government.

    Laura Burian

    Dean of the Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation, and Localization Education

    Meet Laura Burian
  • Issues relating to terrorism and nuclear weapons, particularly in South Asia, are at the center of my research. I look at terrorist group decision making and strategies including financing, CBNR (chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear) terrorism, and group rivalry and cooperation. I also examine nuclear tension in the subcontinent and issues related to the security of nuclear weapons in Pakistan. 

    Sharad Joshi

    Associate Professor, Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies

    Meet Sharad Joshi
  • My research includes teacher education, supervision, and development; second language acquisition; language assessment; classroom research; and research methodology. I focus on the broad themes of how languages are taught and learned, teacher development, and language assessment–all topics that strongly influence how our profession moves forward internationally.

    Kathi Bailey

    Professor; Program Chair, TESOL/TFL

    Meet Kathi Bailey
  • How we filter and perceive information depends on our preexisting ideas and assumptions. So, I first try to help learners uncover their deep-seated ideas and assumptions, examine them, and, potentially, replace them with a more accurate view of reality. I encourage focused learning though uniquely designed sessions that help students actively reflect on their thought patterns and experiences.

    Mahabat Baimyrzaeva

    Associate Professor, International Policy and Development

    Meet Mahabat Baimyrzaeva

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An Ideal Location for Your Graduate Studies

The Middlebury Institute is located in the heart of Monterey, California, known as the “language capital of the world.” With our culturally diverse population, educational opportunities, natural and scenic recreation areas, historic significance, and proximity to Silicon Valley, you’ll find a wealth of advantages when you choose to study here.

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Life in Monterey

From housing to recreation to food and history, the Monterey Bay area is one of the top graduate school locations in the U.S.

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