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Vice President and Senior Staff

Jeff Dayton-Johnson

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Institute

Email: jdaytonjohnson@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4647
Office: Segal Building

Barbara Burke

Executive Assistant to the Vice President

Email: blburke@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-3513
Office: Segal Building

Shirley Coly

Director of Development

Email: scoly@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-7179
Office: McGowan Building MG300A

Rebecca Henriksen

Dean of Enrollment, Advising, and Student Services

Email: rhenriksen@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-3553
Office: Segal Building

Steven Marino

Director of Grants & Contracts Administration

Email: smarino@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-6408
Office: Casa Fuente Building CF449C

Amy McGill

Associate Provost for Integration Strategies

Email: mcgill@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4103
Office: Segal Building

Jason Warburg

Executive Director of Communications

Email: jwarburg@middlebury.edu
Tel: (831) 647-3516
Office: McGowan Building MG300D

Academic Leadership

Renée Jourdenais

Dean, Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation, and Language Education

Email: rjourden@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4182
Office: McCone Building M204

Kent Glenzer

Dean and Program Chair, Master of Business Administration

Email: kglenzer@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4149
Office: McCone Building M114

Laura Burian

Professor; President, Faculty Senate; Program Chair, Translation, Interpretation, and Localization Management

Email: lburian@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-3554
Office: McCone Building M205

William Potter

Professor; Director, James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies

Email: wpotter@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4154
Office: 499 Van Buren Street, Rm. 234

Jason Scorse

Associate Professor and Program Chair, International Environmental Policy; Director, Center for the Blue Economy

Email: jscorse@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-3548
Office: Craig Building K22

Pushpa Iyer

Associate Professor; Director, Center for Conflict Studies

Email: piyer@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-7104
Office: McCone Building M124D

Anna Vassilieva

Professor; Director, Graduate Initiative in Russian Studies

Email: avassili@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-3546
Office: McGowan Building MG208