Alumni of Auxiliares de Conversación / NALCAP Spain are eligible for a guaranteed $10,000 annual scholarship toward an on-site Middlebury Institute master’s degree.

The Middlebury Institute has partnered with the Spanish Ministry of Education—through the Embassy of Spain in the U.S.—to provide $10,000 annual scholarships to qualified alumni of Auxiliares de Conversación / NALCAP Spain in recognition of their commitment to language and cross-cultural exchange. These scholarships can be applied to any of our on-site master’s programs.


  • Alumni of Auxiliares de Conversación / NALCAP Spain
  • U.S. and international applicants will be given the same consideration.
  • You may have completed your assignment in Spain or have been a Spanish assistant elsewhere in the world.
  • You must meet the admissions requirements to your graduate degree program.
  • You must complete your Auxiliares de Conversación program by the time of enrollment, though you may be currently in the program during the time of application.

How to Apply

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Prospective students

Speak with an enrollment advisor or request more information.

Partner representatives

Contact Jill Stoffers, Senior Director of Institutional Partnerships.

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