Women in Localization volunteers and members are eligible for a guaranteed 25% scholarship for our online or on-site degree programs, nondegree Learning Paths, and single courses related to the field of localization management. 

Scholarship Award

We’ve partnered with Women in Localization (WL) to provide scholarships to volunteers and members in an effort to support women in this emerging field.

Women in Localization volunteers are guaranteed a 25% scholarship for our localization management degree programs, Learning Paths, and single courses. There is no limit to the number of scholarships available to WL volunteers and both current and past volunteers are welcome to apply.

We offer a limited number of 25% scholarships to WL members. Applicants applying early in the admissions cycle are more likely to receive the member scholarship. 

Degree-seeking candidates may also receive additional merit and need-based scholarships depending on the strength of your application and financial situation.

How to Apply

  • Determine your program: MA TLMOTLM or Nondegree Learning Paths.
  • Submit your application by the next deadline.

  • Indicate your affiliation with Women in Localization when prompted on the online application.

  • Current volunteers: may use their WL email address to verify status and/or may also submit a letter of recommendation from their WL supervisor. Past volunteers should submit a letter of recommendation from their WL supervisor. You should also indicate your affiliation with Women in Localization on your résumé or CV.

    Members: should indicate your affiliation dates and activity on your résumé or CV.

    Scholarships are only awarded at the time of admission, and applicants must be members or volunteers in good standing with Women in Localization prior to submitting their application for admission. 

  • You can waive the application fee.

Next Steps

Prospective students

Speak with an enrollment advisor or request more information.

Partner representatives

Contact Senior Director of Institutional Partnerships Jill Stoffers.

Learn more about Women in Localization.

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